Izmir Rent A Car

Izmir Rent A Car

Izmir Rent A Car

Izmir is the pearl of the Aegean and one of the most special cities of our country. Thanks to its mild climate, it is possible to visit the places to visit and see, and to spend a unique holiday in İzmir every season. There are many beauties and historical artifacts to be seen both in the city center and in its districts.

Due to the fact that it is the third largest city of our country, İzmir is spread over a very large area. For this reason, it may take you hours to go from one address to another, even between central districts. A business city, university city, resort city, etc. You can go to İzmir at any time of the year because of its location.

Whatever the reason, if you are coming to Izmir for a short or long time, you need a car to spend a comfortable time. You can take advantage of the advantages of renting a car in the center or its districts and make your holiday or business trip much more special. For this, you need to cooperate with the right company and choose the right tool.

Car Rental Companies

You need to pay attention to certain details when making your car rental service. In this regard, you may encounter many companies that say that they provide rental services in Izmir. However, it is not easy to be permanent and achieve success in the sector we are in. For this reason, you should make an experienced, experienced, customer-oriented choice that has met certain standards.

As ZGR Rent a Car, we offer many privileges to those who want to rent a car. We can list some of them as follows:

• *Quick reservation: When renting a car, the reservation should be created in the most practical way. You can easily fill in the required fields on our page and complete your transactions in seconds.

• *Fast delivery: After car rental reservations, your vehicle will be waiting for you at the time you specified and you will not experience any grievances.

• *New generation vehicles: Rental preferences may vary from person to person. For this reason, vehicles with different features and equipment should be offered for preference. Our company's fleet is renewed every year, we have vehicles in segments such as medium, high and luxury.

• *Reasonable price opportunity: We do not compromise on quality and we always provide services at budget-friendly prices. Thus, we ensure that you have the vehicle you need without tiring your budget.

• *7/24 support: You should always choose the companies that you can get support from while renting. Our company provides support from the call center before and after the rental and provides the advantage of being able to reach you at any time.

Advantages of Car Rental

Car rental in Izmir is an extremely common practice. The possibilities of our province, its location and many other factors ensure that the demand is high. Long-term or short-term rentals can be made, so you don't have to be without a car.

If you wish, you can choose the rental method for your individual needs or for your corporate needs. In any case, many advantages await you. We can itemize them as follows:

• *Owning a vehicle in today's conditions almost requires wealth. You will either have to take out a loan, invest your savings in the vehicle, or set aside a large amount of your corporate budget for the purchase of a vehicle. However, with the rental method, you only pay the rent for the period you use.

• *Owning a vehicle brings many expenses throughout the year. Twice a year tax, insurance, motor insurance, maintenance costs etc. Once included, you must continue to set aside a hefty sum each month. However, you can get rid of them by renting a car, you only pay your rent.

• *If you use the rental model instead of buying, you can change your vehicle when your rental contract ends. Thus, you can experience many vehicle models on the market and hit the road with different brands and models.

• *When you get car rental service from a good company, you can bring your car to your door and make delivery from any point you want. Thus, you can create a comfort zone as if you have your own vehicle at your door.

• *There is no limit on the rental period. You can make your contract for one week or six months, rent a car for years for your corporate needs and for days for your individual needs and meet your needs. You can travel with the comfort of your personal vehicle in Izmir, its districts or the surrounding cities.

• *There are airports in more than fifty cities of our country today. You can reach from one end of Turkey to the other in an hour by plane. By renting a car at your destination, you will not be left without a car. Moreover, you will not experience the tiredness and stress of intercity roads. You get on the plane, land in Izmir whenever you want and you will find your car ready when you get off. *When you return, you will deliver it at the airport.

Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport

Izmir is also home to one of Turkey's largest airports. Adnan Menderes Airport to serve in the region since 17 November 1987 it's sad. Domestic and international lines are active at the airport, which is located 14 kilometers south of the city center, and thousands of people go to other places by planes or come to Izmir from other places every day.

İzmir's tourism potential is very high and almost all of its districts are home to many beaches, historical artifacts and natural beauties. For this reason, it is preferred by tourists in every period of the year, especially in summer and spring months. If you wish, you can take advantage of the airport car rental services, and when you come to Izmir, you can spend time without a car.

When you arrive at the airport, it is sufficient to share your flight information with us at the time of booking to receive the vehicle. Then the vehicle you choose will be brought to the airport and will be ready when you land. Thus, you will never be left without a car in Izmir.

When you leave Izmir, you do not look for an office to deliver your vehicle. If you share your flight information with us, our staff will pick up the vehicle at the airport at the appointment time. Thus, an effortless service awaits you.

Izmir airport is used not only by the people of Izmir, but also by the surrounding cities. Those arriving and departing from the surrounding provinces, especially Aydın, Manisa and Denizli, also choose the airline. When you want to come to all these surrounding cities, you can choose a rental car, and you can easily go to your business in all these cities from the airport.

Izmir Car Rental Process

One of the most curious issues in car rental applications is how long the rental will be made. Rental periods are completely according to the needs and preferences of the customers. If you are going on a business trip for 1 day, you can rent a single day. Or if you are going to a nearby city and it will meet your one-day rental needs, you can make your choice in this direction.

If you are on vacation for a week or for ten days in Urla, Güzelbahçe, Aliağa, menemen, Karabağlar, Alaçatı, Dikili, Çeşme or other places, you can rent it for the duration of your vacation. If you come to any seminar, congress, fair or other organization, you can get service during your organization.

Similarly, you can get corporate fleet leasing service, you can rent periodically or annually. You can meet the vehicle needs of your institution that will last for months with the most suitable model and brand for your needs.

Hygiene in Rent A Car Applications

Hygiene is always very important; However, the virus, which has affected the whole world for the last few years, has required much more attention to be given to hygiene. For this reason, the vehicles to be rented must be thoroughly cleaned.

It is not enough to clean only visible areas in vehicles. At the same time, all surfaces must be purified from germs, viruses and bacteria with antibacterial applications. Otherwise, some diseases may spread. Diseases transmitted from person to person, from environment to person, from person to environment can greatly affect your comfort of life.

In order to ensure the hygiene in the vehicles, each company can follow different standards. For this reason, you can ask the rental company at what intervals and by what methods they clean their vehicles, and you can find out whether the cleaning and maintenance is done correctly. You can stay safe in vehicles using disinfectants suitable for human and environmental health.

Izmir Car Rental Prices

You can rent a vehicle in every model in Izmir. The important criteria here are your needs and your budget. Car rental costs may vary according to the class of the vehicle to be preferred, the rental period and additional services.

Our company has vehicles of different brands such as Fiat, Ford, BMW, Seat and many more. You can choose from vehicles with many different features such as automatic transmission, manual transmission, diesel, gasoline, B class, C class, SUV. As a result of your needs and the information you provide, our staff will send a clear price. Thanks to our wide vehicle fleet and reasonable price policy, you will be able to make your choice.

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