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Rental car

In the car category, the purchase of the right to use any vehicle within the period determined in the annual, monthly or daily category is called a rental car. Vehicles rented in this category are classified according to segment characteristics. According to the segment feature, annual, monthly or daily car rental is performed.

Car rental service is a sector that fully solves transportation problems. Car rental companies, which offer luxury and at the same time the opportunity to use vehicles in the upper segment category, give the opportunity to use new generation vehicles. In this sector, you can find all the luxury and comfortable vehicles you are looking for. Leased vehicle within the borders of Turkey, in an unlimited way you can get the opportunity to visit.

Rental Car Preference

Rent a car companies with a comfortable luxury and upper segment vehicle fleet offer online reservations for easy vehicle selection. In the reservation process, the rented vehicle is brought to the airport or to the specified address.

It is possible to find all kinds of vehicle models in this sector. Vehicles in the family type, jeep type, public transportation and sedan category can be rented. It is important to choose the most suitable luxury vehicle in all these categories to travel smoothly during the holiday.

If you rent a small sports car when you are traveling with your family, you will encounter problems with the vehicle. For this reason, if you decide to travel with your family, it will be more logical to rent family-type vehicles. It is easier to navigate in rural areas with six high jeep style vehicles. In rural areas without roads, traveling to the city by private vehicles will also cause problems.

You should also analyze vehicles in the category of automatic transmission or manual gear in the best way. Those who have problems in using automatic gearbox vehicles should rent a manual gearbox. Preferring vehicles that will not have a usage problem will prevent problems with vehicle usage during the rental period.

Choosing the right vehicle is the first important step in the rental car category. You can bring the car to the desired address. If you want, you can take the car to the airport exit by evaluating the airport rent a car options.

Delivery of the rental vehicle at the exit of the airport and delivery of this rental vehicle at the airport at the end of the journey is the most preferred option for the holidaymakers. Thanks to this method especially preferred by expats, the transportation problem is fully solved.

Rental Car Agreement

After bringing the vehicle to the address you want, the contract is signed while receiving the vehicle. This contract includes the name, surname, address and contact address of the person who rented the vehicle. In addition, the identification information of the rented vehicle is also included in the contract. Details such as rental period and rental car fee are also added to the contract. People who rent the vehicle and sign the contract are responsible for the use of the vehicle in violation of the contract.

Contract items must be carefully examined by the person signing the contract. After the contract is signed, the vehicle should be used in accordance with the contract rules. The people who will use the vehicle during the car rental process are added to the contract. In the event that the vehicle is given to someone else in violation of the contract rules, the contract becomes invalid and is out of the scope of the automobile insurance. Therefore, the articles in the contract should be taken into consideration. Reliable companies should be preferred for car insurance and service operations during the rental car operation. Casco is very important in the rental of expensive vehicles. Expensive vehicles without a helmet create a serious problem for people who rent the vehicle in cases of accident or malfunction.

The company should be called in case the vehicle burns, has an accident or is stolen. In such cases, rent a car companies carry out the necessary intervention. Otherwise, the contract clauses will become invalid if the renter uses the vehicle in illegal works, leases or misuses it. In such cases, the company can retrieve the vehicle.

If the vehicle is not delivered within the period specified in the contract, the company may charge an additional fee. Therefore, it is necessary to deliver the vehicle at the end of the rental period. Apart from this, the person who hires the vehicle can extend the rental period if he wishes. If the rental period is extended, an additional fee comes up and a new contract is made.
Rental Time and Advantages
Car rental period takes place in three categories: annual, monthly and daily. Annual rental is discounted compared to other categories. Companies usually prefer the annual rental car options. It makes use of monthly and daily rental options for business travelers and those on holiday. For your personalized annual rental opportunities and campaigns, all you have to do is send us your requests. professional pThe rental car service, which is carried out with ten methods and evaluated in a contract, has advantageous options in the transportation category. The advantages of rent a car options, which are realized by practical methods and provide great convenience in transportation, are as follows:

1- One of the most important advantages of the car rental service is the possibility of using luxury vehicles. Rent a car is the best option for using expensive vehicles with reasonable rental prices.
2- The industrial maintenance, mandatory tax, insurance, mandatory insurance and cleaning of the rented vehicle belongs to the company. The lessor is responsible for expenses such as fuel, rental fee, bridge crossings and parking fee.
3- You can visit all the places that can be visited during the holiday with a rental car in a short time. You can also get a chance to visit historical sites in a short time.
4- Business travelers can finish all the work in a short time after receiving the vehicle from the airport. Business people who finish their work without wasting time can turn the business trip into a nice trip by visiting the historical and touristic places of the city in the remaining time.
5- Rental vehicles are the best solution wherever there is no transportation.
6- Public transportation and other transportation options are difficult to reach and cause baggage problems. Since the vehicles in the car rental category are with luggage, you can load your luggage and other items on the vehicle and navigate as you wish.

The latest model rental vehicles that offer comfortable as well as practical travel offers professional rent a car solutions.

Rental vehicles with expired rental period must be delivered within the period specified in the contract. The vehicle must be delivered cleanly during vehicle delivery. The contract emphasizes that the vehicle must be delivered as received.
Who Can Benefit from Rental Car Options?
If you want to travel as you wish within the borders of Turkey rental car is the best option. Everyone who has the driver's license and who is 23 years old can benefit from the rental car service. Drivers who do not have a driver's license or have a traffic ban cannot take advantage of car rental options. If the person renting the vehicle will not use the vehicle, the person who will use the vehicle must add the credentials to the contract.

Fleet rental options on company basis provide great convenience in this category. Purchasing fleets, dealing with insurance and taxes will be costly for every company. Compared to the costly fleet purchase options, renting a fleet is an option preferred by many industries today. Fleet rental option, which reduces cost and offers a practical solution for businesses, offers the opportunity to establish a fleet of luxury vehicles. For a fleet of expensive vehicles, rent a car options are preferred.

In car rental transactions, reservation should be rushed. Vacation planners should book a rental car with the hotel reservation. If it is late, it becomes impossible to find a rental car at any time. In the reservation process, departure time should be taken into consideration.

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