Places to visit in Izmir

There are so many wonderful places to explore when visiting Izmir.From historic settlements to beautiful beaches and delicious cuisine, Izmir has something for everyone. They are looking for a place to stay, there are a lot of great hotels in the area. When it comes to food, be sure to try some local specialties – they won't be disappointing! In addition, there are world-class hospitals in Izmir that are ready to take care of you during the toilet-free period, if there is no need to overheat.  Do  not forget to protect the surrounding areas  such as Çeşme or Alaçatı and rent a car.  Since there are so many things to go and do in Izmir and its districts such as Bornova or Konak, you will surely fall in love with the unique charm and relaxed atmosphere of this city.

Izmir Travel Guide: Where to Go in Izmir?

Izmir is one of the most important touristic cities in Turkey. This city, which is full of historical and cultural riches, manages to fascinate its visitors with its unique beauties. When the sightseeing routes and places to visit are examined for those who want to explore Izmir, there are many must-see spots among the mentioned places. In this article,  we will explore some of the must-visit places in Izmir.

First of all, you may want to visit the Izmir Clock Tower, which is connected to the Konak district, which is one of the symbolic structures  of Izmir.  This tower, which is close to the center of Izmir, was built in 1901 and has become the symbol of Izmir. It will be an unforgettable experience to go here and watch the magnificent view of Izmir.

Another place to visit in Izmir, which is famous for its historical and cultural riches, is the Izmir Archeology Museum. This museum, which is home to the ancient city of Smyrna, houses many historical artifacts. Sculptures from  the ancient period, the ancient city  of Izmir, the ruins of Ephesus, the house of the Virgin Mary,  mosaics and other artifacts are exhibited here. If you want to take a journey into the history of Izmir, you should definitely visit this museum.

To explore the historical texture and beauties of Izmir, we recommend you to stop by the Historical Elevator. This historical building is located in the Konak district and is one of the most important symbols of Izmir. The Historical Elevator, which was built in 1907, was built in order for the public to reach Alsancak more easily. From here, you can watch the magnificent view of Izmir and take unforgettable photos. Places to Visit in Izmir

While exploring the beauties of Izmir, don't forget your children! Umran Baradan Game and Toy Museum in Izmir is a must-visit for children and toy lovers. This museum is one of the largest toy museums in Turkey and exhibits toys from many different periods. Here you can have a pleasant time with your children and reminisce about your childhood memories in the past.

When planning a trip to Izmir,  you can also consider the option of renting a car.Renting a car in Izmir can be a very convenient option to explore the city. Thus, you can easily reach anywhere you want and spend your time more efficiently. Exploring the natural beauties around Izmir will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Finally, while completing the list of places to visit in Izmir,  we would like to mention Ahmet Adnan Saygun Art Center. This art center is one of the important cultural centers of Izmir. In this center, where various art events are organized, many activities such as concerts, theater plays and exhibitions are held. If you are planning an artistic trip to Izmir, you can visit Ahmet Adnan Saygun Art Center. Izmir Attractions

While walking around this city, which is full of historical and cultural riches of Izmir, you will feel yourself in the lap of happiness. When planning a trip to Izmir, don't forget to add the places we mentioned in this article to your list. Make your preparations to explore the beauties of Izmir and have an unforgettable experience in this exciting city!

When it comes to exploring Izmir, there are so many amazing places to visit and things to do. You can start by checking out the city's historical landmarks, such as historical sites, or by taking a walk in the ancient city of Izmir Kemeraltı  . If you are looking for a place to stay, there are many top hotels in the area. Don't forget to try some of the local delicacies while tasting local products and browsing the famous places of Izmir. There are also  many beaches where you can sunbathe and swim, such as Gümüldür and Foca.If you need medical assistance or want to rent a car from Izmir Car Rental,  Izmir hospitals and Izmir airport will help you! Whatever your interests, Izmir offers something for everyone, be sure to keep this beautiful city on your travel list!

If you're planning a trip to Izmir, there are so many great places to visit and things to do! You can explore the city's rich history by visiting its famous landmarks and historical sites, such as Konak Square or Kemeralti Bazaar. And if you're looking for a place to stay during your vacation, there are plenty of top-notch hotels in the area. Also, be sure to check out some of Izmir's beautiful beaches, which are perfect for soaking up some sun and relaxing by the water. When it comes to food, be sure to try some of the region's delicious specialties, from fresh seafood dishes to regional delicacies made with locally sourced ingredients. Whatever you do during your time in Izmir, we hope you have an unforgettable experience exploring this wonderful region of Turkey!

Don't forget the fascination of Turkey and a visit to all it contains! The Museum of Radio and Democracy  should start working by adding the Fountain from the Ottoman Period, the Temple of Artemis, the Izmir Archeology and Ethnography Museum, the Cyprus Martyrs Street  to the Historical Elevator, and the House of the Virgin Mary to     our travel lists! There is no end to the places to visit in Izmir: Historical Monuments, City Center, Breakfast and Places to Visit. When you see interesting places with "Holiday Izmir!" or just by observing the most on your trip! Find 10 travel centers in Izmir on this list!

Look for the must-catch places on the Izmir tour! How would you like to visit the Radio and Democracy Museum, the Fountain from the Ottoman Period, the Temple of Artemis, the Izmir Archeology and Ethnography Museum, the Historical Elevator, the Cyprus Martyrs Street and the House of the Virgin Mary? Without our list of other interesting places to visit in Izmir to enjoy the trip: historical monuments, Breakfast places and show center. From the famous wine chats to have fun or the picnic in my cave for the pasions, the holiday is a weekend in Izmir to the fullest with the streets in between, or the soldiers to take a trip around. From the top 10 in the same Izmir and do not continue to live when you live!

Izmir is a city that has been known for many historical sites since the Ottoman Empire. If you check out our list of must-have places to be, the background stories of interesting places can be discovered, including the Museum of Radio and Democracy, Fountain, the Temple of Artemis, the Izmir Archeology and Ethnography Museum, and the Historical Elevator. There's sure to be plenty to see! You can also take advantage of our list of Breakfast and Places to Visit and Important Places on the Streets of Izmir. If you have come to Izmir for a holiday or if you are just occasionally staying for a few days, our list will be ideal for everyone.

We have an unmissable route in Izmir! You can catch the top 10 addresses of our magnificent Izmir, which is not able to go among the breakfast programs, by exploring interesting streets by going down the historical elevator to the Turkish Martyrs Street, the House of the Virgin Mary, where you can see the Radio and Democracy Museum and the beauties of the Ottoman period in Çeşme, the Temple of Artemis, the Izmir Archeology and Ethnography Museum. We wish you to start your holiday Izmir adventure as soon as possible...

Izmir is the most important city in the Aegean Region of Turkey. Izmir is a city rich in historical and relic materials. Here is the list of must-see attractions: Radio and Democracy Museum, Fountain from the Ottoman Period, Temple of Artemis, Izmir Archeology and Ethnography Museum, Historical Elevator, Cyprus Martyrs Street, House of the Virgin Mary. Here is a list of other popular places about Izmir that are known to everyone; Since the protection of the rights of religious tourism in the Tahtalı Mountains is an asset of the temple of Artemis, many statues have a stone meaning., Sabuncubeli Tomb, Gediz River and Alsancak Kordon beach capture system, the castle and site in Kadifekale are in such a wide historical region that they will include the Yenikap Mill from the Akdeniz classroom, the Lausanne Church and the Archeology Museum and the Lausanne Church.Places to Visit in Izmir

Izmir is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city on the central coast of the Aegean, more reminiscent of the European metropolis than a traditional eastern city!

Prior to this, for centuries the city was an excellent port city, and it was  called Smyrna.  It received its current name in 1928. However, its charm and awe-inspiring aesthetics have survived from history to the present day!

A large number of tourists come to Izmir to get to know ancient sites, see monuments of ancient architecture, have fun in local bars and restaurants, and shop  . Reaching other famous tourist destinations from Izmir makes the journey unique; Pergamon, Ephesus, Pamukkale.

The ancient ancient city of Smyrna, Izmir is a modern and developed commercial center, surrounded by bays and mountains. Wide boulevards, glass-fronted buildings and modern shopping malls are crowned with traditional red-tiled roofs. Despite the presence of 18th-century markets, old mosques and churches, the city retains its medieval European atmosphere.

To reach all these beauties, the best option is to rent a car!

Located 16 km south of the city center, Adnan Menderes International Airport offers daily flights to Istanbul, Ankara and Antalya. Izmir car rental offers you every feature you are looking for for a comfortable driving experience without joining the hustle and bustle of the city as soon as you set foot in the airport!

How to get to Izmir?

You can regularly fly to Izmir with Turkish Airlines  or Pegasus Airlines flights from Istanbul. Izmir Airport,  which is 20 kilometers from the central part of the city,  has two terminals for domestic and international flights.

Havaş picks up passengers from incoming flights and goes to the city. From the shipyard it proceeds northward. However, he stops everywhere and gives a welcome to holidaymakers who come with suitcases, which is not at all pleasant in hot weather.

In addition, public buses from the ESHOT transportation department are much cheaper than buses from Havaş. However, it also does not have enough comfort level and can turn your trip into a nightmare from the first day.

Reopened and renovated in August 2010, the train connects the airport with Aslancak station in the city center with Konak Square in the north. And then? How will you get to your accommodation, how will you visit the beautiful ancient cities and historical monuments of Izmir?

You don't need to think about these, thanks to Izmir airport car rental, you can go anywhere you want, whenever you want.

Where to Visit in Izmir?

If you have jumped in your vehicle, you should be ready for a tight tour. We have already provided you with the necessary comfort and security  with Izmir car rental. Now it's your turn! Check out our list and be sure to visit everywhere! Otherwise, places to visit in Izmir cannot be a part of your memories during your holiday... Just click here for map information  


Located on the coast of the Aegean Sea, Izmir has many beaches located close to the city center; You can reach areas such as Foça, Dikili, Urla, Seferihisar and Çeşme between 15 minutes and 1 hour with the car you rented.


Çeşme is a small village half an hour east of Izmir with an increased occupancy rate in summer. If you are not staying there, you should definitely get the air of Çeşme, you can access this region, which is generally preferred by young people, with  our large, air-conditioned vehicles with the difference of renting a car in Izmir.


Until 1920,  when it was a settlement built by the Greeks,  it  was called Agrilia. This place  has become very popular and attractive for visitors, including windsurfers, in the summer and since the 2000s. If you have taken advantage of our car rental facilities, you will reach the village if you continue on the Urla Karaburun road.


This region, which is at the top of the list of places to visit in Izmir, is located in the south of the city. Selçuk, which is on the UNESCO world heritage tentative list and is on the UNESCO world heritage list, will take you 3-4 hours of valuable time if you travel by bus or train. However,  with a rental car Izmir,  you arrive at this historical attraction after an hour. The ancient Roman city of Ephesus rises right from the mountainside. When you come here, if you go up the hill from the road on the left, you will be on the way to the House of the Virgin Mary, which the Vatican has officially declared a place of pilgrimage. Moreover, while you are here, do not forget to stop by Kuşadası and visit Şirince Village, which is not far at all.


It is a typical Aegean city and is an hour away from the center. On Tuesdays, you can visit Turkey's largest open city market. At Kaplan, you can dine on Aegean cuisine and enjoy the famous Tire meatballs!

Mount Sipil

If you use the road tunnel a little further inland, you can go to Sardis, the capital of ancient Lydia, and Mount Sipil, surrounded by beautiful forest landscapes and where you can find many places related to ancient legends!

Car Rental Izmir was the occasion and you were able to see the most beautiful places in the vicinity! So let's divert a little bit!

Kadifekale Castle

Kadifekale castle impresses with its size. It is believed that it  was built as a defensive structure in the 4th century BC to protect the city of Kadifekale in Konak district. The remaining ruins show that the castle also had the task of supplying water to the inhabitants of the city. Throughout its history, the building has been subjected to numerous attacks and sieges. However; Since the 16th century, it was completely in the hands of the Turks.

On the territory of the castle there is an observation deck that offers stunning views of the city and its surroundings. Archaeological excavations are regularly conducted, which help to discover new facts in the history of the city and the country. Legend has it that mystical feelings await those who come here in the early hours. If you wish,  get help from the ancient city Izmir car rental service and discover for yourself what the legend offers!


The Clock Tower, which is one of the most well-known tourist attractions of the city, which is connected to the Izmir Konak district, is actually the oldest area. It was built in 1901 according to the project of the French architect Raymond Pere. This clock stopped only once in a major earthquake.

Konak Square is one of the main tourist attractions of the city. This is the octagonal mosque, the Museum of Fine Arts, where paintings by Turkish and European artists are exhibited, the Archaeological Museum  with ancient examples, glass and bronze objects, statues  of gods found in the excavations of Izmir, etc.


If you haven't had time to visit Kemeraltı, you can't say you were in Izmir! An old-fashioned bazaar that is more than 350 years old. But the hospitable atmosphere of the 21st century continues to work to attract visitors with the richness of goods, cheerful noise, the aroma of street food and spices. You can spend the whole day looking closely, looking, bargaining in its winding streets and colorful shops.

In the market there is a caravanserai made in the Ottoman style and the largest mosque. If you say why I will spend my day here if you rented a car in Izmir, it means that you have not experienced the happiness of throwing your shopping packages in your luggage.


History buffs can visit the ancient square, where centuries of turbulent life are in full swing, important decisions are made, commercial agreements are made, and art people, philosophers and politicians speak. The main buildings were built during the reign of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. Columns, drains, canals have survived to this day.

Already in the 20th century, excavations made it possible to create important historical data about the history of the city. However, the square continues to preserve the most hidden secrets, which a large number of tourists who regularly visit this place try to solve...


It is one of the most popular resorts for tourists with children. Izmir Zoo is a unique natural area where animals create conditions as close as possible to the environment in which they live. There are no narrow cages and closed crates, and the animals seem content.

On an area of 425 thousand square meters, more than 1500 species of wild animals live. Children under the age of six can visit the zoo for free. To get here, our Izmir baby seat car rental opportunity is waiting for you!

You thought something was missing, didn't you?


This district of Izmir will appeal to those who cannot imagine relaxation without youth excesses and fun parties. There are many bars, cafes, teahouses and shopping centers where you can enjoy smoking hookah. There is a beautiful park in the area. There's also a university, so it's fun for you, and the youth will be driving here in their field, away from luxury, but just as friendly!

Drive your car here! Izmir rent a car offers all kinds of passengers, SUVs, semi-commercial or commercial vehicles to local and foreign tourists! The large vehicle fleet is well-maintained enough to bring the difficulties of hot asphalt in summer to the snow in winter!

Important places on the world heritage list; Izmir Historical Port City Birgi Historical City Ephesus Bergama Multi-Layered Cultural Landscape Area

 You can get support from Google Sites with Izmir Car Rental.

RENT a CAR to enjoy Izmir!

Discover Izmir's top tourist attractions and hidden gems with ZGR Rent a Car's "Places to Visit in Izmir" guide. Whether you just have a day or a whole month, we have compiled a list of must-visit places and experiences in Izmir. From the best time to visit in October to undiscovered gems waiting to be discovered, our comprehensive guide has you covered. Don't miss the opportunity to make the most of your time in Izmir. Plan your trip with our "Places to Visit in Izmir" guide and create unforgettable memories.

Izmir is one of the most important links of the Aegean Region  and is home to many tourist attractions. The ancient city is one of the  most touristic places in the city. The ancient city, which is connected to one of the districts of Izmir, attracts many visitors with its historical and cultural values. In addition, this ancient city is  on the UNESCO World Heritage tentative list. Being a part of this listening  makes Izmir a registered and important tourist spot in the international region. Especially  in the summer months,  many tourists flock to this region to visit the ancient city. It is a very popular option to visit Izmir during this period to see the historical texture of the city, see the archaeological ruins and wander in the atmosphere of the ancient city. Another element of Izmir's tourist attraction is that it is located all over the Aegean Sea. With its turquoise sea, unique beaches, and stylish resorts, Izmir is an ideal destination for a summer vacation. Izmir, which combines both historical and natural beauties, offers a magnificent experience to its management.

Izmir Attractions

A fascinating city in Turkey that is located to be preserved, Izmir offers countless places to manage, explore, and discover. From rich vibrant exchanges, Izmir has something to offer every type of traveler. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the must-visit places in Izmir. One of the first things that comes to mind when Izmir is mentioned is the ancient city of Smyrna. This ancient city, which dates back to 1901, is known for its historical and archaeological wonders. Wandering through the ruins of Smyrna, the administration can get a glimpse of the past and witness that this city once lived. One of the highlights of Smyrna is the Temple of Artemis, an ancient Greek temple dedicated to Artemis in the present day. This temple, which once served as a religious center, is a true architectural marvel. The Temple of Artemis, with its impressive columns and intricate carvings, is a must-visit for history buffs. Another place that should not be missed on the way to Izmir is Kemeraltı Bazaar. Kemeraltı, where the city is located, is a vibrant and bustling market that can be managed and intertwined with the local culture. There is a wide range of products here, from traditional Turkish carpets to delicious street food. Those who explore the narrow streets of Kemeraltı can enjoy the authentic Turkish shopping experience. A visit to the House of the Virgin Mary is recommended for those looking for a spiritual experience. Located on Mount Koressos, a short distance from Izmir, this sacred place is believed to be the resting place of the son of the Virgin Mary. Many pilgrims pay their respects and visit this holy place to find solace in the serene environment. No visit to Izmir is complete without exploring Cesme, a charming coastal town famous for its crystal clear waters and sandy beaches. Whether it's available on the beach or you're looking to indulge in water sports, Cesme has something for everyone. The town also has a café and a picturesque marina full of food, where you can enjoy a pleasant meal with a view of the azure sea. Finally, a visit to Izmir is not considered to be used without tasting its exquisite cuisine. Inspired by different cultures, Izmir's local food scene is a feast of tastes. From delicious seafood dishes to mouth-watering kebabs, the city offers a wide variety of delicacies that will satisfy the taste buds of any food lover. As a result, Izmir is a city that has a lot to offer its governance. With its rich history, vibrant culture, stunning natural beauty, and delicious cuisine, Izmir is truly a hidden gem waiting to be forgotten. So, if you're planning your next vacation, don't forget to add Izmir to your itinerary. You can't go through your dreams!

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