Our Benefıts

Budget: Since your rental expenses will be fixed during the contract, it will allow you to make a healthy budget for your payments.

Transfer Your Risk: Changes in economic conditions, government policies, campaigns of manufacturers, supply-demand balance elements in the market, user habits, and the second-hand market will no longer concern you. As you rent your vehicle and transfer all your financial risks to ZGR Rent a Car, you will not need to spare time for liability and personnel expenses such as tracking warranty and damage issues.

Finance: When you choose ZGR Rent a Car, you only pay the monthly rental fees, not the entire vehicle price. If you bought it with a bank loan or your own budget, you would have to finance all the costs related to your vehicle until you sell it.

Tax: You can use monthly rental fees and invoices for tax deduction. You transfer the tax difference due to the differences between the vehicle value and the actual sales value to ZGR Rent a Car.

Time-Workforce: By transferring the management of your fleet to ZGR Rent a Car, you transfer operational work and time power problems and technical work. You will not have to worry about inefficiency by establishing a staff for vehicle management or giving additional responsibilities to your employees with other job descriptions.

Time - Labor: ZGR your fleet management delegating Rent a Car , and when operational business problems and technical work force can be transferred . Tools for management to establish a staff job descriptions or other inefficiencies such as giving additional responsibilities to employees who will not have to worry .
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