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Operational leasing is a long-term car rental service from 12 months to 24 months, from 36 months to 48 months. The risks related to vehicle and vehicle use (investment risk, second-hand value, amortization, etc.) during the rental period will belong to the ZGR Fleet, which owns the vehicle. In addition to saving on purchasing costs, you will enjoy the comfort of transferring the periodical maintenance services, tax payments, damage repairs, insurance / automobile expenses, spare vehicle service and tire replacement to the ZGR Fleet.

If you rent your company vehicle from ZGR Fleet, please ask us to read the advantages of fleet leasing at izmir;

You will gain speed in your transactions by renting a fleet

We provide quick solutions to our solution partners with our expert managers.
With our 24/7 Customer Representatives, we respond quickly to the needs of our customers.
Fleet rental You receive special service for your needs

We provide our brand and model tools for every need that will make our customers feel privileged.
With flexible payment and contract options, we provide the most suitable service for our customers with different conditions.
We are happy and proud to offer additional benefits that make our customers' lives easier.
In Fleet Rental you will be advantageous in all areas

Working with ZGR Fleet means having advantages in every step of fleet leasing. The advantages we offer you with our service experience are as follows:

If you rent a fleet, your financial advantages will be:

"As the vehicles are purchased under suitable conditions, you will be charged with the appropriate rental costs.
You can deduct the monthly rent from the corporate tax base as an expense (VAT).
You can deduct VAT from the rental invoice.
ZGR Fleet is responsible for the entire end-of-period value risk of the vehicle.
You can plan your cash flow as the rental rates are regular and fixed.
You can only use your credit limits for your business. "

Your Company's Long-Term Profit with Operational Fleet Leasing:
Operational fleet vehicle rental; All of the documentation including the contract, delivery and delivery coordination and the contract are executed by ZGR Fleet.
Turkey in general in the service we have negotiated can get regular periodic maintenance service at no charge.
Turkey thanks to the agreements made with common service network and high quality service with tire manufacturers in general, be replaced without even demanding any fee mentioned in a number of tire kilometers. A tire storage service is also available upon request.
What to do after the accident is done by the Customer Services Center serving you 24/7 and a experienced team management is carried out and your damage repairs are followed up. In case the damage and breakdown repair (1) exceeds one day, we provide substitute vehicle supply service to our customers to prevent loss of manpower. Casco, traffic insurance and MTV ZGR Fleet follow up and pay. You don't need to hire extra staff to track vehicles.

Advantage of Fleet Leasing Budget: During the lease period, fixed rent payments occur and allows you to make regular budgeting.

Risk Transfer with Fleet Rental: The resulting financial difficulties and circumstances, changes in the country's policies, the balance of supply and demand in the market, the user's habits, are no longer of interest to you used in Pisa. The transfer of all financial risks, such as Zgr, guarantee, and claims will be the process of transferring our responsibility to track our vehicles, hire a fleet

Fleet Leasing Izmir Mali: You do not have to deal with bank loans or equity to buy a vehicle.

Taxes on Fleet Leasing: For Rented Vehicles You have the opportunity to show your expenses per month.

Time Workers in Fleet Leasing: All bureaucratic, operational and technical works can also be transferred. Do not enter into a load to create additional responsibilities to employees or other personnel to manage job descriptions tools; cost savings as well as time and workforce resources can be your efficient use. 

Izmir Fleet Rental

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