Yacht and Limousine Rental


Many thanks to Izmir car rental types of limo hire , as well as entertainment for your wedding or different from anyone else in your limo to have the chance to know . The happiest day in your safe, comfortable and high-quality service on our side.

Izmir Conference with limo hire , limo hire for your invitations and other special occasions . Optionally may know if you have to hire a chauffeur in . Of course, this driver will be included in addition to the lease fee . When the limo slowly due to increased wage rates according to your budget is cut . Color , brand, or the length that it is and how many people are informed . Overall put under to be charged per hour on a daily , weekly or monthly rent including hope you have the opportunity to know . Although wide serve you with our expert staff and our drivers , although each offers are regenerated every day . All of our vehicles maintenance without disrupting traffic and automobile insurance are also available . We are in the front row for the safety of you .

Izmir luxury limousine hire or comfort thanks to all the customers that came as insatiable aims to offer the ultimate . 24/7 to serve the troops want to know where you want your vehicle and can leave at any point . Rental business on the internet or by phone , even if you can come to our place . Limo hire for you with every issue we think .


Izmir or you go on holiday to the seaside with rental appreciation or if you think that you also have the possibility of being in the car and to stay in place for sightseeing or to use your yacht because of your prospect know which equates to more affordable prices .

Izmir or rental that you can rent or brand , model , few people is the fuel tank volume and a few rooms where or how many meters in length and width is known to be making as well as the year learning opportunity to own this. Will be rented or own the properties for the opportunity to know . Air condition, television , music system , fridge , oven , ice maker , GPS, radar , solar cushions, deck table and chairs are also available including fishing tackle . There are also yachts in the seats and beds . For your comfort we have done our best . If you know how to use it or know you have the possibility to hire a captain and in addition to this fee is added . But the captain's eating, drinking and sleeping belongs to you as the extra costs . Decide how many people or rented by him , and also do not forget your yacht rental .

Izmir will know to rent a yacht charter yachts with optional hourly, daily , weekly and monthly and even yearly rent , we offer the opportunity to know . All our yachts are never pass the day with scheduled maintenance . With our experienced and professional staff offer you unlimited services . Yacht charter and sightseeing operations increased and both remained because you have the opportunity to be better for you to have the opportunity to .
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