ZGR Rent a Car, with its ten years of experience in the sector, is a corporate Izmir Car Rental company that strives for the satisfaction of its customers in important locations in Turkey, especially in Izmir. With its IT infrastructure, solution-oriented staff and the latest tools, it allows its customers to have a smooth travel. ZGR has presented its self-confidence to the public with a reference system that works independently of itself. The evaluations and comments you come across on our site directly and exactly reflect the questionnaires filled out by our customers who have had the experience of renting a car in our company.

Car Rent Racing

  • Quick reservation

    Select the pick-up location, select the vehicle in the next step, fill in the information completely.

  • 7 / 24 Support

    You can reach our 24/7 support line before and after the rental.

  • Fast Delivery

    Your vehicle is ready for the time you have specified.

  • Best Prices

    Possibility to reach the latest model vehicles

  • Latest Model Vehicles

    Our fleet is renewed every year.

  • Happy Customers

    Our customer satisfaction survey is real notifications by the customer after every lease.

  • Personal Accident Insurance

    20.000TL extra driver insurance during accident or mutilation

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İzmir Havalimanı249,00
İzmir Merkez Ofis199,75
İzmir Çeşme269,00
İzmir Alsancak235,00
İzmir Adrese Teslim235,55

Car Rental

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    Izmir car rental is done by phone and internet reservation in a few seconds and the car you want to use is allocated to you.

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    You should definitely talk about what you need to know before renting a car. Knowing how and in what way you will rent will also give you an economic advantage.

  • Izmir Monthly Car RentalIzmir Monthly Car Rental

    With its expert staff, well-equipped vehicles and reasonable prices, ZGR is with you whenever you need a vehicle.

  • Izmir Caravan Rental ServiceIzmir Caravan Rental Service

    We are meeting you with the most suitable product for the most suitable vehicle with the Rental Caravan website, which serves to rent a caravan from Izmir.

  • Izmir Rent A CarIzmir Rent A Car

    Advantages of Renting a Car Car rental in Izmir is an extremely common practice. The possibilities, location and many other factors of our province ensure that the demand is high. Long-term or short-term rentals can be made, so you don't have to be w...

  • Fleet rental serviceFleet rental service

    Indispensable for a Comfortable Life: Car Rental Service

  • How to rent a car in izmirHow to rent a car in izmir

    How to rent a car in izmir

  • Long term car rental IzmirLong term car rental Izmir

    long term car rental, long term car rental Izmir, long term car rental from Izmir, monthly car rental, annual car rental, seasonal car rental


Our Professional Car Rental Service

İzmir, with its climate, natural beauties and unique seaside, is a city visited frequently by many people from Turkey and abroad. In addition to its coves and holiday centers, people visiting İzmir, which has many colorful areas in the city center, can easily walk around these areas with their vehicles.

People from different cities benefit from car rental services in order to enjoy their holidays more efficiently and freer. Izmir has a very wide service network by car rental companies. In this case, people;

Guaranteed and
There is a big question mark in their minds about the companies where they can rent an affordable car.
As ZGR Izmir Rent a Car, we have been bringing our quality and professional rental car service to our customers for many years in our sector. While our wide vehicle fleet that we offer within our structure fully responds to the needs of different family or friend groups, we provide the comfort of people during their holidays or business trips.

In our car rental service we offer within our organization, we prepare a car rental contract by our expert team within the framework of the relevant laws and regulations. According to the statements given here, we ensure that people who make a car rental can easily travel to the places they want with their vehicles, and thanks to this legal agreement, we ensure that no grievances are experienced on both sides. Thanks to our vehicle maintenance and inspection operations performed at certain periods and annually throughout the year, we prevent our customers from experiencing any problems with our vehicles.

With the Kabis System in our vehicles, we ensure that all of our vehicles are kept under control with the General Directorate of Security, and the smallest possible problem is solved as soon as possible. Therefore, we professionally eliminate situations such as the misuse of vehicles.

We offer our customers the vehicles of the leading brands in the most comfortable models in the market, and we fully meet the needs of people with different driver's license groups with automatic or manual gear options. Thanks to our wide range of cars from our 5-person vehicles to our 9-person vehicles, we are more preferred than many companies that provide Izmir car rental services.

Address of Trust in Car Rental Operations: ZGR İzmir Rent a Car

The trust that people who benefit from the rent a car service expect from the car rental companies expect from their customers who will make car rental transactions in the companies. People who do not specify in which areas they will use the vehicles for a specific purpose are not allowed to benefit from the car rental service. As ZGR İzmir Rent a Car, we build the keystone of our services on trust in our sector that we have been serving for many years. We lead the way in the protection of both life and property loss in traffic by recommending suitable vehicles according to our customers' driving experience.

We produce professional solutions to situations that may be encountered in constant communication with our customers. For example, we continue our uninterrupted services in order to prevent our customers from being victimized in situations that may be encountered at any time, such as ending the holiday early, wanting to go to a different area by vehicle or returning the vehicle immediately in emergency situations.

Reasonable Price, Quality Service

As ZGR Izmir Rent a Car, people who want to rent a car from our company can freely enjoy professional service and reliable shopping by following these steps. To rent a car from our company, you can call our company by phone, if you want, you can contact by e-mail, or you can make your car rental transactions online in a reliable way.

Click on the "Vehicle Fleet" tab after the "Menu" tab on our official website, and all the vehicles we offer within our body,
The features they offer you,
Conditions required to be able to rent and
By easily accessing information about how much price it offers on a daily basis,
With the "Reservation" tab, you can complete your car rental transactions in the model that suits you.
With our car rental prices service, which we determine according to the brand and model of the vehicle, we continue our services in the market at values ​​that will suit the budgets of our customers. Thanks to the collateral amount purchases we determine according to the brand and model of each of our vehicles, we ensure that the people who rent a car are more careful and that our company does not have any problems in this process.

Address of Hassle-Free Service

İzmir is one of the most important cities of our country with its natural beauties and history. With every aspect of its air, d
It affects everyone who comes to You may have come for work, vacation or any other reason. The formula for enjoying this beautiful city is to rent a car and plan as you wish. Since the first day we started to serve as our company, we have been working for you to have a pleasant journey and to get to know İzmir closely. We start every day with great love and look for the answer to the question of how we can bring you the best service. The secret of our service is actually this approach.

If you have a plan or an idea to come to Izmir, you can also consider our airport car rental service if you are going to come by plane. Among our customers who prefer to come by air, Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport is the place where the vehicle will be delivered. Before arriving, the most suitable vehicle is determined according to the details of the reservation process you have made on our site and it is brought at the time determined by our team. Thus, you can start realizing your plan without any problems. You can set instant routes with new places you will see.

You can easily reach Kordon from Konak Square and anywhere you want to see. Afterwards, you can witness the indescribable views of the sunrise and sunset while tasting special flavors, especially boyoz and dove. You can visit the bays in rows. In a city where the sea meets a fascinating nature, you may want to see the places you want to go several times.

The biggest advantage of renting a car is to be able to change your plans with ease. Because in the places you visit, a street or something else will attract your attention. If there is no tool, it is not always easy to flex and change plans. It often causes a waste of time. Time moves fast in such a unique city. Those who want to spend time in the best way and collect unforgettable moments, do not start planning without visiting our page. You may find it difficult to believe when you find the most suitable vehicle for you in a short time by examining the options according to how many days you plan. However, we made it possible for you with our expert staff and service principles.

When it comes to renting a car in Izmir, we are among the first companies that come to mind. Because we bring you and a professional work together. We consider everything to the finest detail, from the care of the vehicles to the safe use. In addition, we follow the developing technology very closely and apply it in our services.

Since the first day we started to serve, we have not made any concessions on quality for a second. We will not give in any time. First of all, your thoughts come to us. We work to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the service we provide and we will continue to work non-stop.

You will come to Izmir for a long time, and our company's long-term rental service is also included in a wide range of services. The vehicle suitable for you during your stay is determined. After the relevant contract is signed, you have the right to use the vehicle during this period. When the time is over, everything is completed by delivering the vehicle. If you run into a problem, remember that we are only a phone call away from you. We help you to avoid any interruption in your plans by producing solutions as soon as possible.

Why ZGR Izmir Car Rental?

Many people have different thoughts when it comes to renting a car. However, as ZGR Izmir Rent a Car, we aim to change all of these thoughts. We will continue our work with great enthusiasm, until the trust in the car rental company is indispensable for travel.

In addition to thoughts, a question comes to mind. This question is why we should choose your car rental service. Our company gives direction to the sector with the service it provides. Cars have a great place in our lives. No matter what purpose you go to another place, cars make life much easier. When you come to this land, which is the pearl of our country, we bring our services to you, our valued customers, so that you can have a full time or do your work on time without thinking about the questions of how to go and what to ride.

We know the value of time very well. You are in the right place for a comfortable and at the same time Izmir trip. If you come for business, our company appears as the right place to keep up with the busy pace of business life.

Call us to get more detailed information and to find answers to the question marks in your mind. It is very valuable for us to be able to help you. Our work continues unceasingly with our ever-growing services. Remember that we are only at your fingertips.

Best Car Rental
Our Izmir car rental company, which offers you the best quality service in Izmir, the city of beauty, undoubtedly reveals that it is in a very different position than its competitors with the rental cars it has and offers to you, our valuable customers. Renting a car seems much more logical, besides the purchase preference. Especially if you need a vehicle for a while, buying a vehicle on its own does not seem to be an attractive option. We will share the reasons for this in our article.

 If you do not have a vehicle belonging to you, or if you are economically concerned about purchasing a vehicle, we can make use of the latest system tools you want with our best price options. Especially when the season is summer and the city is very busy, there is nothing more natural than needing a vehicle. Nowadays, when vehicle prices are also very high, buying a new vehicle may cost you dearly. As a result, having a vehicle can return to you with great expenses. Vehicle maintenance costs, routine costs, insurance and insurance fees, many problems caused by damage to your vehicle as a result of an unwanted accident can cause you to both cost too much and waive your time. If you do not want to deal with such problems and are planning a trouble-free journey, we would be delighted to receive service from our Izmir car rental company, the best car rental company in Izmir.

You can rent a car from us for the time you want and enjoy a comfortable and peaceful journey. You can rent any of our vehicles for daily, weekly, monthly or longer periods, and you can save a lot of money. You will appreciate that time is the most precious blessing. None of us would like to spend this blessing unnecessarily. If you think about the many unnecessary time you will spare for your own vehicle, you can estimate how much the car rental process is. This is exactly where ZGR car rental Izmir company covers all fleet expenses and maintenance costs of every vehicle you have rented, so you will not be able to deal with any difficulties. In this way, you will be comfortable and you will not be stressed unnecessarily during the journey. We recommend you to take advantage of our car rental services, which is a logical idea in every aspect.

Our company, which managed to surpass its strongest competitors in the market, owes its success to you, our valuable customers. Your intense demands and your high satisfaction are more important to us than anything else. We are proud to serve you as the best car rental company. We are happy to provide you with the highest quality and attractive service in order not to be left without a vehicle in Izmir's most crowded times, when the most domestic and foreign guests are concentrated. We know very well how difficult it is to find a car in Izmir, which is a holiday city and a touristic city. We definitely want you to know that you are just a phone call away from us. We recommend you to enjoy your safe journey in or outside of Izmir with our vehicles that you can rent for every term. You can reach us 24/7 at any time of the day and take advantage of our ZGR Izmir fleet rental services you need.

Izmir Car Rental

Our Izmir car rental company continues to be with you whenever you need a vehicle. As a car rental company in Izmir, which has been providing car rental services for years, we have adopted the principle of delivering you to your destination with our latest system vehicles.

Izmir Monthly Car Rental

Rather than risking your capital by buying a car, it would be most logical for you to benefit from this service by renting a car. At the same time, if you are keeping a commercial book, it is also possible to record the car rental fee and all vehicle expenses in your commercial books. Car rental services, which are the reasons for this and many other reasons, are very popular and the reason for this is that they provide you much more economic income. Securing your future by avoiding more planned and unnecessary expenses will surely reflect on you positively. For this, we offer you the most suitable and quality service we can, and we strive with all our strength to take advantage of our opportunities.

As Izmir car rental company, we are at the beginning of our job to serve our valued customers with our vehicle fleet suitable for every budget. You also have the option of renting our vehicles of various brands and models within the time periods you specify. Apart from the annual, daily and weekly car rental service, we also have the option of monthly car rental zgr.

If you do not want to rent a car for a long time, only if you intend to rent a car for a period of time.
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