Our car rental service and our principles

Car rental service in Izmir. For you the highest quality tools and our business experience, our vision is a service policy, which is truth, is striving to be your assistant when you need to hire the biggest vehicle.

Our rent-a-Wed Izmir as we keep customer satisfaction ahead of everything. For the purposes of trade in this sector is not only because of this; loved by our customers, with the desire to be a reliable company we do. Our service on behalf of our company if we talk about conditions: first of all, a valid qualification and age limit for each customer condition. Have your driver's license, be 18 years of age and older, it is very important. Your leased vehicle should be delivered to us when it expires. The time, to our knowledge, except you must cut out.

If you do this, there will be an additional charge for each hour. The moment you have hired the vehicle to our company you are required to pay the cost of the vehicle. Get a price you can pay via credit card or fare. Also appropriate for vehicles in the price range that you are renting. Still a bargain at the price when you need to find the middle way in the name of we know we must note that all kinds of opportunities for you. In addition, all of our vehicles are fully insured.

Rent-a-Wed, Izmir, to be the equivalent of our valued customers and considers the interests of our company. Based on the principles of not being victims of both sides, and with the most preferred company in terms of service has been honest.

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