Izmir Buca car rental service

Izmir Buca car rental service

Izmir Buca car rental service

As an answer to your Izmir travels,  we offer Izmir Buca car rental service. Economy car rental option is available. It can size different models and types of cars at the most affordable price. You can easily obtain the need change vehicle  with Izmir Buca car rental service. After continuous periodic maintenance, the appropriate units offered to you are sent.

Do not forget to get a price from us to get Izmir Buca car rental service.  ZGR rent a car  options, which offer car and rental services suitable for every budget, offer monthly, daily and annual  rental opportunities. Among Izmir Car Rental companies, ZGR rent a car, which contributes to the economy with reliable and one hundred percent domestic capital, responds to your airport car rental needs.  On the site of the company that provides car rental services in Izmir Buca; There are car rental conditions and price information.

The statue of Mevlana, the third largest statue in the world, is located on a  20-acre land in Tingir Tepe, the highest place in Buca, with a height of 25 meters with its pedestal.

The characteristic of the  Rees family, one of the leading Levantine families of Izmir,  is that they have been known as Bucalı for several generations.

  This school, which was built by the Americans in 1912 and used as an American High School for Boys for years, was among the few schools at that time where Levantine families from Izmir studied. After the proclamation of the Republic, this school  served as the Village Institute. It  was transferred to NATO at  the end of 1953.

The information obtained  is to reveal that Buca appeared as a Greek village in our recent history. European businessmen and their families, who were seen at the same time as the Greeks, settled in the Izmir region and in Buca in the meantime, and made significant contributions to the development and enrichment of Buca.

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