Izmir Bornova car rental service

Izmir Bornova car rental service
Izmir Bornova car rental service in order to get our price to be sure. ZGR rent a car offers car and rental services for every budget and offers monthly, daily and yearly rental. Izmir Car Rental companies with reliable face-to-face domestic capital contributes to the economy ZGR rent a car from Airport car rental needs to meet your needs. The company that provides car rental services in Bornova There are car rental terms and price information. ,
The oldest known name baş Birun-u Abad Born in Bornova, the settlement began in the Hellenistic era. The Amazons, the Hittites, the Ionians, the Phrygians, the Lydians, the Persians, the Macedonians, the Kingdom of Pergamum and the Romans ruled and lived in this region. The first football match in Turkey in 1890 with the British sailors came to Izmir, the first athletic contests between young people from Izmir Bornova Bornova took place in 1895 and again in our country.
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