Izmir Bergama car rental service

Izmir Bergama car rental service
Izmir Bergama car rental service in order to get our price to be sure. ZGR rent a car offers car and rental services for every budget and offers monthly, daily and yearly rental. Izmir Car Rental companies with reliable face-to-face domestic capital contributes to the economy ZGR rent a car from Airport car rental needs to meet your needs. Car rental service in Bergama, Izmir, the company's site; There are car rental terms and price information.
Long before the Hellenes, Pelasglar and Luvi people lived in Western Anatolia. Then Bergama was called Parg-a-uma. Perg = Berg means ”zodiac” in Arabic, meaning castle. Uma means “people Um. The name Pergamon is a word that translates into the beginning of Hellenization.
The distance to the city center is 107 km and the distance to the sea is 30 km.
There are a total of 137 neighborhoods, 18 of which are located in the district center. The surface area is 1573 km / 2 and it is the biggest district of İzmir in terms of area.
The Kings of Pergamum in History;
Philetairos (281-263 BC)
I.Eumenes (263-241 BC)
I. Attalos (241-197 BC)
II. Eumenes (197-159 BC)
II. Attalos (c. 159-389)
III. Attalos (138-133 BC)
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