Budget-friendly available, you can take advantage of our Izmir car rental services.

Budget-friendly available, you can take advantage of our Izmir car rental services.
As ZGR İzmir car rental company, we provide you with innovative services that will change your İzmir car rental habits.

With our wide range of services that can fully meet your needs, you can easily take your car rental service at affordable prices and handle your business in the city without any transportation problems.

Izmir Car Rental Service with ZGR Assurance
ZGR Izmir car rental company, which is one of the leading companies that have proven its reliability throughout İzmir, can easily rent a car without having to follow difficult procedures.

With our ongoing campaigns, we allow you to rent the vehicle of your choice under favorable conditions. Take advantage of our long-term car rental services, minimizing your transportation costs.

From the Comfort of Your Own Vehicle…
With the service you will get, you will not only have a rental, you will have a transportation opportunity in the comfort of your own vehicle. You can complete all your works faster, more easily with the vehicle you rent under the agreement.

Whether you are visiting for business or visiting tourists and relatives, it is enough to get service from ZGR which is among the most reliable Izmir rent a car companies.

When you follow your business with the vehicle you rent, you can take the time you save compared to other transportation methods and visit Izmir and its surroundings.

Places to Visit in Izmir
Izmir is one of Turkey's largest city in terms of nearby attractions, it has an extremely rich structures. The ancient city, which has lived in the heart of many important ancient cities, has magnificent natural beauties as well as other historical and cultural buildings.

You can get service from İzmir car rental companies in order to have the opportunity to visit all these areas and more in our list of places to visit in İzmir. This way, you will have more space to see, as well as comfortable transportation.

Kemeraltı Market
Kemeraltı Bazaar, which is a part of the history gushing from every part of İzmir, is one of the places we recommend to see with its historical and cultural structure in our city. Kemeraltı, where there are many shops selling different products, is located in Konak Square.

The bazaar, which is dated to the 17th century, has its inner arch pillars and its general historical texture that still preserves its original structure.

Ancient City of Ephesus
When we talk about places to visit in Izmir, many of us rightly think of the ancient city of Ephesus. The ancient city located in the borders of Selçuk district is among the first settlements of the region.

Before the 11th century BC, the ancient city, which was known to have been built by the Greeks, exhibits many important historical buildings open to visitors today. To visit the world-famous ancient city outside the city center, Izmir car rental service can provide a convenient transportation.

Selcuk Castle
The castle, which is located within the borders of Selçuk district, has 15 towers and has managed to preserve its original texture. Some parts of the Seljuk quality of the renovations over time, Byzantine, Ottoman and Aydınoğulları times were made in various additions. Therefore, it is possible to come across traces of different civilizations throughout the castle.

There are stone steps and stairs to go to the walls inside the historical castle which we recommend to include in your list of Izmir travel guide with its magnificent structure. The cisterns in the castle, where there is a small mosque, attract attention.

Foca Ancient Theater
The ancient theater in our district of Foça is located in the area built as a settlement in 340 BC. Although there are no more structures left from the ancient city, a significant part of the historical theater has survived to the present day.

You can experience the comfort of your own car by taking İzmir car rental service to go to the ancient theater which is composed of different sections and used for different purposes throughout the history without the problem of transportation.

İzmir Agora
Located in Konak Namazgah district, Agora is among the striking historical ruins of the city. It is known that the historical structure, which was also attracted by foreign tourists in İzmir, was built in the 4th century BC.

Temple of Hadrian
Places to visit in Izmir Temple of Hadrian, located in the district of Selçuk. Although the temple, which is one of the most visited places of the city, is actually within the borders of the Ancient City of Ephesus, we wanted to include it in our list with its extraordinary features.

To say that the temple is regarded as the 8th Wonders of the world is enough to understand how high its historical value is.

Isa Bey Mosque
The historical mosque in Selçuk district was built in 1375. The historical building, whose architect is Şamlı Ali, is one of the most spectacular historical places of worship in the region.

Historical mosque and
You can take advantage of İzmir car rental options at reasonable prices and you can provide a comfortable transportation with the most suitable features and prices.

Bergama Ancient City
Among the most important historical settlements of the city, the ancient city is an important center that has hosted different civilizations. Many historical buildings in the ancient city are met with the interest of local and foreign tourists. As the name suggests, it was built by the Bergamans.

Beaches in Izmir
Many beaches in various parts of the city are ideal for entering the cool waters of the Aegean Sea. The Blue Flag, some of which is world-renowned, is an indispensable stopover for people during the summer months.

Alacati Windmills
Alacati windmills, which we can recommend as a different suggestion, is one of the areas visited by those who want to find peace in a mystical environment. Historical windmills, with a history of 150 years, welcome visitors at the entrance of Alaçatı all seasons of the year.
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