Are you able to deliver the rental car at another place?

Are you able to deliver the rental car at another place?
Are you able to deliver the rental car at another place?
A rented car may be delivered to a city with a different heading from the rented city. This method is called one way rental. This, of course, incurs additional costs. Rental companies charge a fee for the amount of the contract per km between the city you receive and the city you deliver. This fee is the fee for taking the city you rented from the city where you left the car.
People have many advantages to use car rental. However, if you rent a car you have accepted some conditions and you have to comply with the terms of this contract. For example, you need to know the insurance conditions, in which case you will be responsible. One of the contract features that you need to know is that you can deliver the rental car to another place? The answer is sorusunu.
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