Privacy and Security Policy

ZGR Rent a Car offers a professional team of technical infrastructure and system for secure exchange services with the most advanced technologies. This Privacy and Security Conditions for purchases made with system is also included information about the policies and practices relating to the security and confidentiality of the personal information of its customers.

ZGR Rent a Car, using the 3D security technology of banks and payment channels, safe shopping guarantee.


3D Secure is an online authentication system developed by the card provider to ensure the safety of shopping. Password, credit card purchases made through the Internet known as the assertion. Visa application used for Credit Card "Verified by Visa" and for MasterCard "SecureCode" is called.
The purchases made by this method to be valid; of the transaction to the cardholder, given its need to approve a special password.
Rent A Car in ZGR is to be carried out from the bank to which the credit card payments can be performed 3D Secure'l supports this system.

SSL Security Certificate
SSL security certificates (Secure Socket Layer) and Verisign brand are the most widely used and most secure systems in the world. Have SSL support on your browser in order to take advantage of SSL and SSL must be activated your choice. Data after we receive is protected in our usual strict security and confidentiality standards.
ZGR Rent Care privacy is essential.

ZGR Rent A Car Your personal information is not shared with 3rd party commercial and offered for sale with the aim of demographic measures. Are available in our institutional and demographic research will take place at the Company.
Your credit card information you have entered your computer is encrypted with SSL technology before moving to the internet and our server is transmitted in encrypted code. With this technology it is not possible for third parties to access such information.
Depending on where you purchase the bank's security system is activated and can not be performed in the process of finishing without confirmation from you.
If the following conditions are concerned, information about you, including your account and / or access to information about the content of your communications or disclose them to third parties:
Reported to us by law or legal process to comply with the obligation to state
Terms of use of this service is also included with Final Sales User Agreement investigate possible violations or to confirm to participate in activities contrary to the law or help
ZGR Rent a Car employees, customers and the public's rights, property and safety protection in the event.
We may use technology or other means for the reasons stated above. In this way, such as found in unsolicited e-mails filtering to prevent or to improve security. In the meantime, you can use the service interrupted or interruption may be in question.
ZGR Rent a Car is the identification of problems with the system on our Web site and to address the immediate problems that may arise, you can identify the IP addresses of the users and can use it. IP addresses, users can also be used to gather broad demographic information and to define in a general way.

Personally identifiable data in order to improve our services and products (such as IP address, browser type, Internet Service Provider (ISP) and (our service to be available for users using a mobile car) Unique Device Number, Operating System and Latitude / Longitude) (Non- PII) to collect, track their browsing behavior, with visits to specific or personalized offers and advertisements and made our website to save observing their use (temporary and permanent) cookies, authorized cookies from third parties, we may use web beacons and other technologies. To understand how our website is used, in order to improve the make and quality of market analysis, the total number of transactions, viewed web pages, reference-exit pages, platform type, date-time stamp, and number of mouse clicks on a given page, and the location, mouse movements, scrolling activity details and navigate our website and various data such as search terms you use it and benefit information may collect anonymous basis, you can save, process and use it. In addition, behavioral targeting, fraud and abuse cases with the non-personal identification information for criminal investigations (Non-PII) can save. Market analysis and quality improvement efforts for specific pages or visitor activities necessary in order to follow the details of third parties ("Service Providers") may apply to the service. These Service Providers collect data and other information with the statistics, use, monitor and prepare reports about them on our website will analyze your activities online. Information about your use of our website (and Non-PII data owned by you) forwarded to the Service Provider server can be kept here. In addition, service providers collected information if required by law or third-party information where such processing on behalf of the Service Provider may be passed to third parties. Our Service Providers, any personally identifiable information ("PII") can not collect. Your IP address, type of browser, Internet Service Provider, Unique Device Number, Operating System and Latitude / Longitude is not covered by your PII.

Cookies are temporarily or permanently stored in a text file on the hard drive of your computer. To authenticate cookies, session monitor (state maintenance) and preferences about the site users or electronic shopping carts used to maintain our website certain information such as the content. Data recovery by these cookies are completely anonymous. If you like all the cookies in already on your computer's hard disk "cookies / cookie" After aratıp all files containing the word in your computer by deleting them all can purify these cookies and future in your browser options (likely) you can set to block cookies; but can yararlanama all the features of our website if you do so, please take into consideration. The Web beacons consist of any web page or e-graphic image requests representing the small number of software code in the mail. Web beacons may be associated with a graphic image visible or may not be, and is usually designed to pass through a website or e-mail in the background image. Web beacons site traffic reporting, unique visitor counts, advertising auditing and reporting, and personalization including many uses. Our Web beacons collect only anonymous data.

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