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PARTIES: ARTICLE 1: On the one hand, ZGR Rent A Car (the lessor) and on the other hand the name / title, surname, address and signature of the front (RENTER) in accordance with the following conditions in accordance with the details of the front face agreement for the rental of the registered vehicle.

DEFINITIONS ARTICLE 2: The following terms have the following meaning unless otherwise stated in the contract.

2.1 RENTAL: ZGR Rent A Car

2.2 RENTER: The person with the name, title, address and signature on the front side

2.3 VEHICLE: ZGR Rent A car as the owner or by renting from third persons or in the capacity of the owner of the vehicle in the hands of the tenant for rent.

2.4 RENTAL PERIOD: The rental period on the front


A: As an operator, ZGR Rent A Car aracı means that the tenant shall benefit from the insurance coverage under Article 5 without the obligation to provide insurance insurance to an insurance company.

2.6 1 DAILY RENT: Refers to 24 hours after the vehicle is delivered.


3.1. The lessor has provided the tenant to the tenant for the duration of the FRONT PERIOD provided that it complies with the conditions to be explained in detail below. By signing this agreement, the tenant declared that the vehicle was undamaged and that the five tires together with the spare were in perfect condition, the tools, the relevant documents (motor vehicle registration certificate, motor vehicle traffic certificate, insurance policy, maps, etc.) and all accessories were intact. If the agreement is not reached at the end of the lease period, has accepted to give back the place. The lessee is obliged to return to the lessor, at the end of the period or in case of unilateral request of the lessor, using the vehicle as carefully as it has been entrusted in return for the determined rental fee. At the end of the lease period or before the expiry of the lessor if requested by the lessee, the vehicle will be taken as a escrow and will return the vehicle, if it does not return due to the vehicle entrusted, will be deemed to have committed the crime of SAFETY ABUSE.

3.2. The tenant received the vehicle by inspecting it and checking that it was undamaged. Even the tenant is liable for any damages not mentioned in this agreement at the time of the delivery of the vehicle by the tenant. The tenant is given a printed delivery report with the signing of the contract and the tenant is obliged to deliver the vehicle to the lessor during the return and delivery. If the tenant does not have such a signed delivery report, the tenant will be liable for the damage to the vehicle even if the vehicle has been delivered. The tenant shall in no way transfer, assign or pledge the rights arising from the contract or the vehicle and the equipment and equipment therein, and may not use them in a manner that would harm the lessor and the vehicle. In case of contradiction to this commitment, the lessor has the right to take back the vehicle from the lessee without any caution and provision.

3.3. The tenant has declared that he will act in accordance with the real T.C. Laws and regulations as well as the TRAFFIC LAW NO. The tenant shall not carry any commodity that is prohibited or deemed a crime with this vehicle and will not use it for illegal works, will not load the vehicle on the terms of employment, will use the vehicle in consideration of external factors such as road and weather, etc. that it will not be used for pulling - pushing or loading or transporting objects, will not use race, speed trial, rally, strength test and motorted sports, will not use the vehicle on roads that are not suitable for traffic, whether or not the vehicle is to be used, will not use the vehicle to persons other than the rental agreement. can not be rented, declared. The violation of the contract is deemed to be contrary to these counts and the lessor can always be requested by the lessor of the vehicle in such a case. p is.

3.4. The tenant may not make changes, modifications or additions to the vehicle, its accessories or any part of it without the written consent of the lessee.

3.5. If the lessee does not return the documents of the vehicle (Motor vehicle registration certificate, Motor vehicle traffic certificate, insurance policy, plates) to the lessor at the time of delivery of the vehicle, he will pay the rent for the period that will pass until he finds and brings them, and in case of loss, the new documents together with the job loss to pay for the expenses to be made.

3.6. Expenses related to any kind of attempt to be taken back by the competent authorities, whether or not the tenant is defective or not, due to any event, is subject to the tenant (including attorney fees). The tenant has the right to demand from the tenant.

3.7. The tenant is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the vehicle during the rental period. Periodic maintenance and service during the lease

Ruml is. Daily leases are based on 300 Km and monthly leases are based on 4000 Km. Km exceedances are priced at 0,75 TL. Maintenance and service from the vehicle The tenant is obliged to notify the lessor and deliver the vehicle to the lessor for service. In this case, the service and maintenance costs are covered by the lessor. The lessor may, at his sole discretion, provide another vehicle for the period during which the tenant is deprived of the vehicle during service. Of course, repairs and spare parts and tire replacement costs incurred as a result of use and aging belong to the lessor. On the other hand, if the vehicle cannot move as a result of repairs, spare parts and tire replacement costs, damages and damages due to freezing and similar incidents made by olmayan unorthodox use ”or“ accidental,, transportation expenses made to bring to the place of renting are owned by the lessee. will be charged at the current rental rate. upgrades that may be required in the countryside will be notified to the nearest station by giving the consent of the lessor, the tenant will pay the detailed invoices issued on behalf of the lessor.

3.8. Gasoline fee belongs to the Lessee. The% of the vehicle is delivered by the lessor and the% of the tank is returned by the lessor. The amount is taken from the tenant below the rate at the time of delivery. The fee is determined by the renter. During the rental period, the renter is responsible for all traffic offenses and penalties written to the vehicle, the renter and the license plate. The traffic fines imposed on the rented vehicle or the lessee must be paid immediately to the relevant authorities within the lease period, and they are obliged to inform the lessor immediately. Even if the lease agreement expires, the tenant shall continue to bear this responsibility as well as the damages caused.

3.9. The lessee shall release the lessor in advance of any liability arising from the loss or damage of any goods left in or on the vehicle during or during the lease period or before or after the vehicle is returned to the lessor.

3:10. The lessor may terminate the contract at any time without having to give a reason and pay compensation, or refrain from extending it. In this case, the tenant must deliver the vehicle to the nearest station. If the contract has been terminated due to the tenant's defective actions and the vehicle is delivered outside the city of delivery, the transportation fee will be paid by the tenant.

3.11. The lessee shall provide the lessee with the necessary de facto and legal support in the case of compensation v.s opened by the lessor against third parties or by the lessor on the third parties. The lessee shall assign the lessee rights to the lessor upon request of the lessor. The parties shall pay the costs of the proceedings in proportion to their obligations.

3:12. Due to the conclusion of this agreement, the tenant is not a representative of the lessor, his / her representative, his / her employee, etc. and acts on his / her behalf. As a result of the use of the vehicle and any third-party compensation for any material and moral damage to the tenant belongs to the tenant. The tenant will keep the renter away from all kinds of material, legal and moral demands and accepts that it is the responsibility of the tenant. The parties acknowledge that the lessor has the right to collect, through pledge, recourse, offsetting and payment instruments in hand.

3:13. If the tenant's right or unjust act of the tenant is imposed on the vehicle by the authorities, the tenant must compensate the lessee for such damage. Since it is not possible to remove the measure on the vehicle within 6 months, the tenant is required to do whatever is necessary to remove the measure, otherwise it will have to pay compensation for the vehicle price.

3:14. In case of disputes arising from the contract, including the payments, the lessor's commercial records and documents and the copy of the contract remaining in the lessor constitute definitive evidence. The buyer cannot prove it with any other evidence.


4.1. During the arrangement of the contract, according to the tariff valid at that time, the lessor receives 20% of the rent amount (a) in cash payments from the lessee as the rent deposit, and (b) in the case of payments made by credit card, an empty slip is taken from the lessee. The deposit or credit card slips received from the lessee are also used for the collection of rent, damages, traffic fines and any past and future lessor receivables. Even after the end or termination of the lease agreement, the terms of the agreement are valid, and within the rental period the tenant must
the lessee is responsible for the payment of the tenant as well as the traffic fines committed by the vehicle, the traffic fines, as well as the tenant has the right to collect from the Tenant as soon as he becomes aware of these damages or fines. Before the rental and delivery of the vehicle, the sale of the provision is realized from the customer and returned within maximum 24 to 28 days. The tenant has to wait for the refund to be made to the same card if there is any amount to be refunded in case of system checks and conformity during the passing time and accepts in advance by giving ZGR Rent a Car the transaction authorization for the time elapsed without restriction under these conditions and contract.

4.2. Final account result is determined at the end of the lease. Payments can be made in Turkish Lira or foreign currency accepted by the lessor. provisions shall be calculated at the effective purchase rate of T.C.M.B. on the day of payment.

4.3. The tenant has made the leasing of the vehicle subject to the above-mentioned leasing in full and intact, leasing and damage to the vehicle, leasing longer than the period specified in the lease agreement, the vehicle has been notified or notified while the customer is responsible, Traffic fines, 3.Payments given to persons and within the scope of traffic insurance non-pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages and the damages and losses caused by the customer, etc. The collection of the fees on the front of the contract from the credit card account or deposit specified in Article 24 has been authorized by ZGR Rent A Car.

4.4. The customer already authorizes ZGR Rent A Car to make the new credit card account even if the credit card is changed.

4.5. In any payment, the parties accept that the payment of the tenant's all receivable specified in the contract will be deducted if the tenant is not charged for the loan or if the credit card is not collected due to cancellation and other reasons.

4.6. Reservation Cancellation Policy; Our customer can cancel the reservation in accordance with our cancellation policy. If you cancel your reservation, ZGR Rent a Car will cancel your reservation in accordance with the following provisions. Early returning rentals, late check-in purchases, no show and no cancellations made at the time of booking (no show) and cancellations made 20 days before the start of the rental are not refundable. All cancellations must be sent in writing by e-mail or faxed to + 90-232-332 0 947. Cancellation cannot be made by phone. The cancellation request is processed from the moment ZGR Rent a Car reaches the reservation department. Cancellation Fees; In case of cancellation requests made before the rental date, the reservation distribution and planning of the vehicles are determined according to the online bookings.


5.1. The lessor has insured its vehicles with compulsory liability insurance in accordance with the Road Traffic Act.

5.2. The tenant may remove his liability for damage to the vehicle by paying extra daily insurance premiums (CDW), but (a) the payment must be marked at the relevant place on the front of this contract and paid at the time the vehicle is received by the tenant at the latest, (b) paragraph 3 below provisions reserved. The premium may vary depending on the age and experience of the lessor. The lessor may increase or decrease the premium without informing the lessee. (The lessee shall grant the lessee the right to benefit from the insurance coverage in return for the premium, and shall not impose an obligation on the lessor to make an insurance company with an insurance company for that vehicle.)

5.3. Even if the tenant pays for the insurance coverage, the tenant must meet the following conditions in order to benefit from the insurance coverage in case of an accident or damage. Otherwise, the tenant's benefit insurance will be null and void and the tenant will be personally liable for all damages to the vehicle in accordance with the relevant article of this contract.

5.3.1. If the tenant does not have a doctor's report and any preventive condition detected, the tenant must notify the renter immediately. The tenant shall not interfere with the damaged vehicle in any way while the accident is in place. (Damage caused by theft of some things from the vehicle (radio, spare wheel, toolboxes, etc.) is not covered by the insurance and is under the responsibility of the lessee.)

5.3.2. A technical accident report specifying the occurrence of the incident in detail from the competent authority closest to the location of the accident (such as Traffic police, local police station, out-of-town gendarmerie, etc.), identification report, alcohol report, photocopy of driving license, and similar documents with witness name address and information, the lessee, the lessor at the latest 48 (forty-eight) hours is obliged to notify and treat.

5.3.3. The tenant benefit insurance agreement is valid within the period specified in the lease agreement.

5.3.4. The above-mentioned documents
cannot be delivered, if there is an accident under the influence of alcohol and drugs, if the driver is not registered in the lease agreement, if the other issues related to the use of the vehicle specified in this contract have not been complied with, the maximum speed limit at the time of the accident has been exceeded, 8/8 (or 100%) is defective, is not licensed, or if for any reason the license is invalid during an accident, the benefit from the insurance coverage agreement is invalid and the insurance coverage benefit benefit is removed from all the damage, loss, loss of value of the vehicle, the repair the lessor has the right to demand from the lessee.


The tenant is directly and completely responsible for the accidents caused by the goods or caused by the goods.
If the conditions specified in Article 3 are not followed, the tenant is personally responsible for the entire damage.
Tire damage and repairs, headlight and glass breakage, spare tires and / or toolboxes are not covered by insurance coverage.
The tenant is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the vehicle during the rental period. The lessor, who is unable to make use of the insurance indemnity due to any act and negligence attributed to him, is obliged to pay the lessor to the lessor immediately the damages such as all damages, damages, loss of value of the vehicle and the rent value of the vehicle in the repair period.
3. The legal responsibility of the lessor to be born as a result of accidents damaging to persons shall be as much as the compensation he has made from the insurance company provided that it is covered by the compulsory financial liability insurance coverage for each vehicle. The legal responsibility on these terms belongs to the lessee and the lessee reserves the right of recourse to the lessee.
5.4. The tenant is obliged to park the vehicle in a closed and locked manner in order to ensure the safety of the vehicle. In case the vehicle is stolen, the lessee will notify the lessor of the theft within 1 hour of learning the event and immediately contact the nearest police station to record a report and make the value transactions to be carried out according to the lessor's instructions. In this case, if the tenant is found within 45 days, the rental price up to that date, if the vehicle is not found within 45 days, the 0 km. will pay the turnkey sales price to the lessor. Otherwise, all insurances are void and the renter can save the deposit mentioned in article 2 if he wishes. COMPENSATION AND DELAY INTEREST: ARTICLE 6.

6.1. If the lessee does not deliver the vehicle at the place of purchase, the charterer will pay the extra costs for the driver, gasoline, etc. to be taken back. This amount will be calculated by the lessor at the place of delivery of the vehicle and collected from the lessee.

6.2. In cases where the return time is reached at the end of the lease period or if the vehicle is required to be returned immediately as required by Article 3 of the contract, in case of delay in the return of the vehicle, a penalty of three times the agreed daily rent is determined. The lessee agrees and declares in advance that the penal conditions and indemnities in this article and the entire contract are not exorbitant and waives the rights of lawsuits and claims for the criticism of the conditions and that the penal clause is valid and applicable even after the termination of the contract.

6.3. The lessor may claim compensation from the tenant at least twice as much as the material damage in cases where the tenant's name is damaged, other than the compensation of the damage suffered by the lessee due to the actions made in contradiction with the matters mentioned in this agreement.

6.4. The interest rate to be applied to the lessee is 10% per month in case of any delay in the payments to be made to the lessor (rent, loss, damage, accident etc.).

6.5. In the event of an accident, the tenant owes all the damage, loss and loss of value of the vehicle, as well as the loss of earnings arising from the repair of the vehicle, it is deemed that the rent value is recorded between the parties. In other words, the rented agreement for this vehicle, in the last days of the repair of the vehicle, the lessor, the tenant with the name of loss of earnings, but the right to request the agreed rental price. This provision applies even after the termination of the contract.


7.1. If there is a conflict between the two texts of this agreement written in Turkish and English, the Turkish text shall prevail.

7.2. Disputes between the lessee and the lessor will be settled in accordance with the Turkish Law in the Izmir Courts and enforcement offices.

7.4. The Parties have accepted the addresses written on the front of this Agreement as the addresses that are to be made in accordance with this Agreement. Notices made to the old address shall remain valid unless the party whose address is changed has not notified the new address to the other party. Any invalidity, non-enforceability and non-compliance with the provisions of this agreement or terms does not remove the binding force of the other provisions of the agreement. Hinge
Vehicle name and feature during the availability check for the availability of the vehicle at the time of our customers when the vehicle extension is not appropriate when you choose the vehicle name as indicated next to the reservation and so on .. the same group and segment means that the change may mean that the change is not compulsory The vehicle you requested externally will come. We request our customers' knowledge.

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