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ARTICLE 1: On the one hand, ZGR Rent A Car (the renter) and on the other hand, the (TENANT) with the first name / title, surname, address and signature have agreed to rent a car with the first details registered in accordance with the conditions written below.


ARTICLE 2: The concepts written below have the meaning written below, unless otherwise specified in the contract.

2.1 RENTER : ZGR Rent A Car

2.2 TENANT: The person with the name, title, address and signature on the front

2.3 VEHICLE: As the owner of ZGR Rent A car or 3.a vehicle that he rents from people or owns as an operator and rents to the lessee for a price.

2.4 RENTAL PERIOD: The rental period on the front


A: The vehicle owned by ZGR Rent A Car as its operator is 5 of the car insurance guarantees to the lessee, without imposing an obligation to provide car insurance to an insurance benefit within the scope of the article

2.6 1-DAY RENTAL: Refers to 24 hours after the time of receipt of the vehicle.



3.1. The lessor has given the vehicle subject to the lease to the tenant for the use of the amount of time found in the PRELIMINARY PERCENTAGE, provided that it complies with the conditions that will be explained in a broad way below. By signing this contract, the lessee has signed the vehicle undamaged, five tires with a spare in excellent condition, accessories, related documents (motor vehicle registration certificate, motor vehicle traffic certificate, insurance policy, maps, etc.) and declared that he received the delivery intact with all accessories. On the contrary, if an agreement has not been reached, he has agreed that he will return it to the place he received it at the end of the lease term. In return for the determined rental price, the lessee is obliged to return the vehicle to the lessor, using it carefully as he received it in trust, at the end of the term or at the unilateral request of the lessee. If the lessee requests a refund at the end of the lease term or before the end, the lessee agrees, declares and undertakes that he has received the vehicle as ESCROW and will return it as received, if he does not return it, he will be considered to have committed a crime of ABUSE of SECURITY due to the vehicle given as escrow.

3.2. The tenant took delivery by examining the vehicle and checking that it was undamaged. Therefore, the lessee is responsible even for damages that are not specified in this agreement by the lessee at the time of delivery of the vehicle. A printed delivery record has been given to the lessee with the signing of the contract, and the lessee is obliged to sign and deliver this record to the lessor during the return and delivery of the vehicle. If the tenant does not have such a signed delivery report in hand, the tenant will be responsible for the existing damage to the vehicle, even if the vehicle has been delivered. The lessee may not transfer, assign or pledge any contractual rights or the vehicle and its equipment and equipment in any way and may not use them in such a way as to damage the lessor and the vehicle. In case of violation of this commitment, the lessor has the right to take the vehicle back from the lessee without any notice or provision.

3.3. The tenant is the real T.C. He has declared that he will act in accordance with the laws and regulations and both the HIGHWAY TRAFFIC LAW No. 2918. The lessee shall not carry prohibited or criminal goods with this vehicle and shall not use it for illegal works, shall not load the vehicle on the basis of intelligence, road and weather conditions v.b that he will use the vehicle even taking into account external factors such as shooting another vehicle or moving or non-moving objects - he declared that he will not use it for pushing or transporting by loading, he will not do racing, speed trials, rallies, endurance trials and motor sports, he will not use the vehicle on roads that are not suitable for traffic, he will not make the vehicle used by people outside the rental agreement, whether the vehicle is loaded or not, he cannot establish an ariet relationship with this vehicle, he cannot sub-lease. Any violation of these provisions is considered a violation of the contract and the vehicle can be requested back by the lessor at any time. In such a case, the remaining rents from the tenant who is in violation of the contract are also requested.

3.4. The lessee may not make changes, changes or additions to the vehicle, its accessories or any parts without the written consent of the lessee.

3.5. Pays paying rent for the period of time until he finds and returns the documents belonging to the vehicle (Motor vehicle registration certificate, Motor vehicle traffic certificate, insurance policy, license plates), if the lessee does not return the documents belonging to the vehicle to the lessor at the time of delivery of the vehicle, as well as in case of loss, the vehicle is obliged to pay the expenses incurred for obtaining new documents together with the loss of business.

3.6. Whether or not the vehicle is defective by the Lessee due to any incident, the expenses related to any attempts to recover it if it is confiscated or confiscated by the competent authorities (including Attorney's fees) belong to the Lessee.The renter who rents the rent of the days that will pass during this period has the right to request from the lessee.

3.7. The responsibility for maintenance and repair of the vehicle during the rental period belongs to the lessee. The tenant is responsible for periodic maintenance and maintenance during the lease period. Daily rentals are also based on 300 Km, Monthly rentals are based on 3500 Km limitation, and Km overruns are priced at 0.75 TL. The lessee is obliged to notify the lessor of the vehicle arriving for maintenance and service and to deliver the vehicle to the lessor for service. In this case, the service and maintenance expenses are covered by the lessee. The renter may, only on his own initiative, provide another vehicle for the period during which the renter is deprived of the vehicle during the service. Of course, the repair, spare parts and tire replacement costs incurred as a result of use and obsolescence belong to the lessor. In contrast, if the vehicle cannot move as a result of” abnormal use “or” accidental" repairs, spare parts and tire replacement costs, damage and damages caused by freezing, as well as similar incidents, transportation expenses incurred to bring it to the place of rental belong to the lessee, and the lessor will charge the vehicle's work stay fee based on the current rental tariff. 50 TL that may be needed in the country. Repairs on it will be notified to the nearest station of the lessor, approval will be obtained and deposited, detailed invoices arranged on behalf of the lessor will be paid to the lessee.

3.8. The gas fee belongs to the tenant. It is available on the front side of the agreement that the vehicle is delivered by the lessor with how many% tank fuel and returned by the lessee with how many tank fuel. Pay paid to the lessee will be collected if the warehouse has been withdrawn below its rate at the time of delivery, and in the opposite case, the lessee will be refunded or deducted from the fee he will pay. The tariff for gasoline prices is determined by the lessor. The tenant is personally responsible for all traffic offenses and penalties written on the vehicle, the tenant, license plate during the rental period. Traffic fines written to the rented vehicle or tenant during the rental period must be paid to the relevant authorities immediately, and it is also obliged to notify them to the lessor immediately. Even if the lease agreement expires, the lessee must cover the damages caused, as this liability continues against the lessor.

3.9. The lessee has released the lessee in advance from any liability arising from the loss or damage of any goods left or transported inside or on the vehicle, including related expenses, during or before the rental period by himself or someone else, or after the return of the vehicle to the lessor.

3.10. The lessor may terminate the contract unilaterally at any time without having to show a reason and pay compensation, as well as refrain from extending it. In this case, the tenant must deliver the vehicle to the nearest station. If the contract has been terminated due to the defective movements of the lessee and the vehicle is delivered somewhere outside the city where it was received, the transportation fee will be paid by the lessee.

3.11. 3 Of the renter.the opener against individuals or 3.compensation opened to the lessor by the parties s cases, the lessee will provide the necessary actual and legal support to the lessor. At the request of the lessee, the lessee will assign the rights of the case to the lessee. The parties shall pay the costs of the proceedings at the rate of their own obligations.

3.12. Due to the conclusion of this agreement, any representative, proxy, employee of the lessee lessor v. he is a person who does not have adjectives like s and acts on his own behalf. In this respect, it will arise from the use of the vehicle and 3.compensation for all kinds of material and moral damages caused to persons belongs to the lessee. The lessee agrees in advance that he will keep the lessor away from all kinds of material, legal and moral demands and that he will bear them himself and that the responsibility belongs to him. The parties have accepted that the lessor has the right to pledge, recourse, offset against such claims and to collect through the pay instruments in his possession.

3.13. If INJUNCTIONS or restrictive cities are placed on the lessor's vehicle by the official authorities due to the justified or unjustified action of the lessee, the lessee must cover the damage caused by this renter. Since it is not possible to remove the measure on the vehicle within 6 months from the date of its installation, it is necessary to do whatever is necessary to remove the tenant's measure, otherwise he will have to pay a compensation equal to the cost of the vehicle.

3.14. In case of a dispute arising from the contract, including payments, the lessor's commercial records and documents and the copy of the contract left by the lessor constitute conclusive evidence. The buyer cannot prove it with any other evidence.



4.1. During the arrangement of the contract, according to the current tariff at that time, the lessee receives 20% of the approximate rental amount in cash from the lessee as a rent deposit in cash payment agreements, and (b)in credit card payments, it is received from the lessee with a blank slip signature. The deposit or credit card slip received from the lessee is also used to collect the rental price, damages incurred, traffic fines and all kinds of past and future lessee receivables. Even after the end or termination of the lease agreement, the terms of the contract are valid exactly, and the damages caused to the vehicle by the lessee during the rental period, traffic fines incurred by the vehicle, traffic fines are responsible for paying the lessee, as well as the lessor has the right to collect from the Lessee immediately as soon as he is aware of these damages or fines. A provision sale is made from the customer before the rental and during the delivery of the vehicle and it is returned within a maximum of 24 to 28 days. The tenant must wait for the refund to be made to the same card if there is an amount to be refunded in case of system checks and compliance during the elapsed time, and he agrees in advance by giving ZGR Rent a Car the transaction authority for the elapsed time without transaction restrictions in accordance with these conditions and the contract.

4.2. The final account result is determined at the end of the lease. Payments can be made in Turkish lira or in the currency accepted by the lessor. The provisions are T on pay day.C.M.B. it will be calculated based on the effective purchase rate.

4.3. The lessee has made a complete and sound rental of the vehicle subject to the rental mentioned above, the rental and damage to the vehicle, the rental longer than the period specified in the rental agreement, the vehicle was notified or not while the customer was responsible, Traffic fines, 3.Material and moral damages inflicted on individuals and not covered by traffic insurance, as well as damages and losses caused by the customer v.ZGR Rent A Car has appointed the authorized person to collect the collection of s prices from the credit card account or deposit specified in Article 24 on the front side of the contract.

4.4. Even if the customer's credit card is changed, he/she already authorizes ZGR Rent A Car to be made from the new credit card account.

4.5. Paying paid for any payment, the parties agree that if the payment is not received from the Tenant's loan or is not collected due to the cancellation of the credit card and other reasons, all the receivables specified in the contract will be due.

4.6. Our Reservation Cancellation Policy; Our customer may cancel his/her reservation in accordance with our cancellation policy. If you cancel your reservation, ZGR Rent a Car will cancel your reservation in accordance with the following provisions. A refund cannot be made with certainty if the reservation is canceled on the delivery day and time of the vehicle to be booked. Early returning rentals are picked up late from the booking date and time, refunds are not made for cancellations made 20 days before the start of the rental when the vehicle is not picked up at the reservation time without any notice (no show). All cancellations must be sent in writing by e-posta or faxed to +90-232-332 0 947. Cancellation of the reservation cannot be made by phone. The cancellation request is processed from the moment it reaches the ZGR Rent a Car reservation department. Cancellation Fees; For cancellation requests made before the rental date, there is no refund for online requests, as the reservation distribution and planning of vehicles are determined according to online reservations.



5.1. The lessor has insured his vehicles with compulsory financial liability insurance in accordance with the Highway Traffic Law.

5.2. Paying paid daily extra insurance premiums (CDW), the lessee may eliminate his liability for vehicle damage, but;(a) payment must be marked at the relevant place on the front of this contract and must be paid at the latest at the moment of delivery of the vehicle by the lessee, (b) 3 below.the provisions of the paragraph are reserved. The insurance premium may vary depending on the age and experience of the renter. The lessor may increase or decrease the premium without notifying the lessee. (The fact that the lessor gives the lessee the right to benefit from car insurance coverage in exchange for a premium does not impose an obligation on the lessor to have an insurance company take out car insurance related to that vehicle.)

5.3. Even if the tenant pays the necessary payment for the car insurance coverage, in case of any accident or damage, the tenant must meet the following conditions in order to benefit from these car insurance coverage. Otherwise, the agreement to benefit from the car insurance guarantees made by the lessee becomes invalid, and the lessee, in accordance with the relevant article of this agreement, v. vehicle damages. S will be personally responsible for all of it.

5.3.1. If the tenant does not have a doctor's report and a detected disabling condition, he must notify the tenant of the accident immediately. The tenant will not intervene in the damaged vehicle in any way while at the scene of the accident. (Theft of some things from the vehicle (radio, spare wheel, accessories v.b) the damage that will occur in this case is outside the scope of insurance and is under the responsibility of the lessee.)

5.3.2. From the nearest competent authority to the place of the accident (traffic police within the city limits, local police station, gendarmerie outside the city v.for example, b) a technical accident report detailing the manner of occurrence of the incident, a copy of the identification record, an alcohol report, a copy of a driver's license, a witness name address, as well as similar documents and information, the tenant is obliged to treat and notify the lessee no later than 48 (forty-eight) hours.

5.3.3. The agreement to benefit from the insurance guarantees made by the tenant by paying the premium is valid within the scope of the period specified in the lease agreement.

5.3.4. If the above-mentioned documents cannot be delivered by the tenant, if the accident was caused under the influence of alcohol and drugs, if the driver is not registered in the rental agreement, if the work has not been complied with other aspects related to the use of the vehicle specified in this contract, if the maximum speed limit was exceeded at the time of the accident, if the traffic accident report is defective by 8/8 (or 100%), if he is not licensed, or if the license is invalid during the accident for any reason, the agreement to benefit from car insurance is considered invalid, and since the agreement to benefit from car insurance disappears, all damage, the lessor has the right to claim damages such as damage, loss of vehicle value, rental price during the repair period of the vehicle, from the lessee.


The Lessee is directly and completely responsible for accidents arising from the transported goods or caused by the goods.

3.In case of non-compliance with the conditions specified in the article, the Tenant is personally liable for the entire damage.

Tire damage and repairs, headlight and glass breakage, spare tires and/or accessories are not covered by the insurance coverage.

The responsibility for maintenance and repair of the vehicle during the rental period belongs to the Lessee. The lessor, who cannot benefit partially or at all from insurance compensation due to any acts and negligence that are not accepted to be attributed to him, is obliged to immediately pay to the lessee all damages that he cannot collect, damages, loss of vehicle value, damages such as the rental price that runs during the repair of the vehicle.

3.the legal liability of the lessor arising as a result of accidents causing damage to persons is the same as the compensation he benefits from the insurance company, provided that he remains within the scope of the compulsory financial liability insurance coverage concluded for each vehicle. The legal liability above these conditions belongs to the lessee and the lessor reserves the right of recourse to the lessee.

5.4. The tenant is obliged to park the vehicle closed and locked in such a way as to ensure its safety outside of cruising. In case of theft of the vehicle, the lessee will transmit the theft notification to the lessee no later than 1 hour after learning of the incident and will immediately contact the nearest police station to make a record and make value transactions that should be performed in accordance with the instructions of the lessee. In this case, the tenant; if the vehicle is found within 45 days, the rental price up to that date, if the vehicle is not found within 45 days, the vehicle is 0 km on that day. The turnkey will pay the sales price to the lessor. Otherwise, all insurances are invalid and, if desired, the rental vehicle 2.the article may also record the deposit in question as income.



6.1. If the lessee does not deliver the vehicle at the place where he received it, the driver, gasoline v, whom the lessee will pay to take the vehicle back. B is obliged to pay the extra costs. This price will be calculated by the lessor at the place where the vehicle is delivered and will be collected from the lessee.

6.2. At the end of the rental period, the time of return has arrived or 3 of the cases where the vehicle needs to be returned immediately in accordance with the article, a daily penalty condition has been decided at the rate of three times the agreed daily rental price for the days that are delayed, if the tenant is delayed in returning the vehicle. The lessee accepts in advance that the punitive terms and compensations contained in both this article and the entire agreement are not exorbitant, agrees and declares that he also waives the rights of litigation and claims in the direction of criticism of the terms, and that this punitive term is valid and applicable even after the termination of the contract.

6.3. In addition to compensation for the damage suffered by the lessee due to actions taken by the lessee contrary to the issues mentioned in this business agreement, the lessor may request compensation of at least twice the amount of material damage from the lessee in cases such as severe defects, intentional and if the lessor's name has been damaged.

6.4. All kinds of things that the lessee must do to the lessee (rental fee, damage, damage, accident v.s) In case of delay in payments, the interest rate to be applied is 10% per month.

6.5. In the event of an accident, the tenant owes all damages, damages, Decrepitude of the vehicle, as well as for the loss of earnings arising during the repair of the vehicle, it has been concluded that the rental price is processed between the parties as a loss of earnings. In other words, the lessor has the right to request the agreed rental price for this vehicle during the repair days of the vehicle, under the name of loss of earnings from the lessee, but over the agreed rental price. This provision is valid even after the end of the contract.



7.1. English Turkish Turkish text is valid in case there is a Deciency between the two texts of this agreement written in Turkish and English languages.

7.2. Disputes between the lessee and the lessor will be resolved in accordance with Turkish Law in Izmir Courts and Decrees.

7.4. The parties have accepted the addresses written on the front of this agreement as valid addresses for all kinds of notifications to be made in accordance with this agreement. Notifications made to the old address remain valid as long as the party whose address has changed has not notified the new address to the other party. The existence of any invalidity, non-enforceability and violation of the law in any way in the terms or conditions contained in this agreement does not eliminate the binding nature of the other provisions of the agreement.

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