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TARTICLE 1.SIDES:ZGR Rent A Car,with registered offices at Atıf Bey Mah.5/3 Sk.No:1 K:2 D:204  gaziemir-İZMİR and the renter (hereinafler CLIENT)with his/her name,address and signature,agreed on car rental conditions conceming the following tems:

ARTICLE 2.DEFINITIONS:the terms written below indicates those meanings unless quoted with any other meanings.

2.1.  COMPANY    : ZGR Rent A Car

2.2. CLIENT          : Signer of the agreement with declared name,address and signature on the front side of the agreement.

2.3. VEHICLE       : The vehicle which is a property of under of Company’s use for hiring to 3rd party.

2.4. DURATION OF RENTAL: Rental duration which is stadet on the front side of the agreement.

2.5.GIVING THE CLIENT THE BENEFIT OF C.D.W. ASSURANCE:Giving the Client the benefit of C.D.W.assurances by ZGR

 Rent A Car for the vehicle ZGR Rent A Car opertes depending on section 5.

2.6. 1 DAILY RENTAL: The duration of 24 hours from the time of vehicle delivery.



3.1 Company rents the vehicle to Client with the stated conditions on the agreement and with the duration agreed on the front side of this agreement By his signature,Client claims that he picks the vehicle whitout a damage,with 5 tyres including the spare one and the equipments and documents such as Registration Form of Motor vehicles,Traffic Foorm of Motor vehicles,insurance Forms,Traffic insurances form etc.Client accepts to return the vehicle to pick-up location unless parties agrrees on another location. With the agreed price,Client to return the vehicle in the same good condition with this full care by acception to return the vehicle at the agreed return date and/or by company’s request at any time.By the end of the agreement or before the end date of the agreement by company’s request,Client agrees to return the vehicle by the same vehicle condition otherwise agrees that he is quity because of an abuse of use.

3.2. Client picks the vehicle by checking the vehicle at the time of delivery.Thus any undeclared damage is Client’s responsibilty,Client signs an argeement by the beginning of the rental and must get a return report from company at the time of the return,unless a presencee of such a delivery report by the client,the damages are under Client’s responsibilty.The Client can not sell,mortage,pledge,transfer the contract or the vehicle and its accessories.Shall the Client infiringe this rule,The Company can take the vehicle back and terminate the agrrment solely without any prior notice.

3.3. Client accepts to obey Turkish Republic laws and the law 2918.Client accepts that he will not transport any unlegal goods,not overload the vehicle, not tow or push other vehicles with the vehicle,not use the vehicle off-road not test the vehicle to its limits. Otherwise agreement is said to be terminated and company can take car back by charging the rest of the rental from the client.

3.4. Without Company’s notice and approval,the client can not make changes on the vehicle.

3.5. It the client returns the vehicle without its registration documents (Registration From of Motor vehicles,Traffic Form of Motor vehicles,insurance Forms, Front or rear plates),he accepts to pay the period through his return of those document.Otherwise the Client hereby agrees to pay the cost of those documents and pay the period of rental untill the documents become avaible.

3.6. If in any case,the right to charge the rental cost of this period from the Client.

3.7.During the rental period,the maintanance is a subject of client’s responsibilty.The Client is responsible to declare the vehicle to be serviced and return the vehicle to the Company in such cases,the vehicle is serviced by the company.The Company may supply another vehicle during the service. The client accepts to pay the charges for the damages occuring from bad use freeze or accidents such as spares,tyres,fixing costs and return costs of the vehicle to its origin.For any fixing needs of the vehicle over a cost of 50-TL.with a written approval of the company,the Client will declare its invoices and charge the money back from the company.

3.8. Gasoline costs belongs to the Client.The gasoline reading is written on the front side of the agreement,if the return level is low,the  Client pays for the missing gasoline,if the return level is higt,the company pays  for or credit the client.gasoline charges are adjusted by the Company.During the rental period,any fees reported to the vehicle,to Client and to registration of the vehicle belongs to the Client.The Client must pay such fees immediately,the termination of the agreement does not end this responsibility.

3.9. The Client has no right to accuse the Company of any of his missing goods nor the godds damaged during the rental period.

3.10. The company may terminate or may not extend the rental period without any compensation,in such cases,the Client must return the vehicle to the nearest ofice of the company,if the agreement is terminated because of the client^’s fault,and the vehicle is at other than rental origin location,the return costs of the vehicle to origin check-out location will be charged from the client.

3.11. The Client will supply any effort againts third party claims or compensation wills,if requested by company,the client will assign his rights to the company,parties pay the costs of such cases compared to their responsibilites.

3.12. This contract is not creating any partnership between parties nor the client bacomes advisor,agant,worker etc.of the company the client is acting on his behaif therefore any damages accured by the acts of the client bounds the latter.The client undertakes herein to keep company harmless from any demand relating his acts,in any nature arising from any person.

3.13 If in any case the vehicle is suspended by legal departments,the client is responsible for any costs,if suspension does not end the end of the 6 months,the client musty pay a compensation of full vehicle price.

3.14 The client has no night to clain his rights at the time of conficts other than the company’s documents and company’s copies.



4.1.The client undertakes to pay to the company,on demand,a deposit %20 more than the estimated costs in advance payment cases this amount has to be paid cash,in case if client declares that the payment will be effectusted by credit card an empty and signed slip is deposited to the company.This slip can also be used in the payment of all past,existing and future debts/claims.

4.2. The final adjustments are made by the end agreement


4.3. The client hereby agrees that the vehicle is complete and without damages.Any damages,trafic fees,any given third party damages are subject to a charge from the client’s deposits or from his credit card which is stated in box 24 at the from side of the agreement and hereby the client autohorise  ZGR Rent A Car for such charges.

4.4. The client will declare his credit card even if the credit card number of validty date ise changed and haraby autorise ZGR Rent A Car.

4.5. The client accepts to pay his depts occuring from the agreement even if his credit cards are expired or out of limit or cancalled.


5.1.The company insured all vehicles with legaly obligatory traffic insurance.

5.2. The client can be discharged from all responsibilites provided that hehe pays the CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) but:(a) the payment must be effectuated the latest when the client takes the vehicle from the company station,(b) the content of the tollowing paragrph 3 is excepted.the premium an be varied depending on the age and experience of the client.The company can alter the premium without any notice to the client in his soie discretion and reserves the rihgt to give the client the benefit of CDW assurances.

5.3.Event in the client pays for CDW,the follwing conditions must be completed in order to be given the benefit of CDW assurances.Otherwise the CDW is accepted void and the client becomes responsible for any damages.

5.3.1.Unless a doctor report is present,the client must report the accident immediately.The client must not move the vehicle from the place accident. (Any missing part or stolen parts of the vehicle is under client responsibilty)

5.3.2. To report the accident to police stations,gendarmerie immediately by standding by the vehicle and to the company 48 hours by obtaing traffic reports,alcohol reports with witnesses and their addresses,license fotocopies.

5.3.3. The company,gives the client the benefit of CDW assurances during the rental period agreed on printed on the agreement.

5.3.4. Unless the above documents are obtained by the client and if the accident is accured by a driver other than written on the agreement or if the driver is under infuence of alcohol,durgs,etc.,if speed limit are not obeyed,if the driver is 8/8 guilty (%100),the client will not benetid from CDW assurances.In such cases,the company requires the rights to charge any damage,cost,vehicle value losses.

Adding to those:

* The client is responsible for the accidents causing from transportation of goods.

* The client is responsible for all damages unless obeys Article 3.

* Tyres,lights,glasses and spare parts are not covered by CDW assurances.

* During the rental period,the client is responsible for the service and maintenance of the vehicle.Any damages that may be charged from insurance company due to the client’s neglection,the company has the right to reflect those costs the client.

* The company is responsible for the damages given by the client to the third parties up to the limits of the third liability insurance.Beyond the said limits the client undertakes the responsibilty.The company has the right to demand to the client what he has supported on behaif the latter.

5.4. The client must keep the vehicle is found in 45 days,the client pays for the rental cost,if the vehicle is not found in 45 days the client pays for the brand new value of the vehicle.



6.1. Unless the client returns the vehicle to the origin rental location,any driver,gasoline,transportation costs will be estimated by the company and charged from the client.

6.2. A penalty of 3 times of daily rate applies for the vehicles not returning as agreed by the agreement or causing from section 3. The client hereby agrees that these penalties are acceptable.

6.3.the company reserves the right of a double penalty charge in case of dishonour of the company by the client,conscious damages.

6.4. The monthly interest is accepted by the parties as % 10 for any fate payments (Rental payments,damages,costs of compensations etc.)

6.5. The company reserves the right to charge for damages,vehicle value losses etc.and also for the losses causing from the vehicle service and damage fixing periods caused by an accient,from a tarif agreed at the  beginning of rental agreement.The clause is valid after the termination of the agreement.



7.1. In case of dispute between the English and Turkish texts,the Turkish text prevails.

7.2. Any and all legal actions relative hareto shall be in the courts of İzmir.

7.3. Parties agrees that the addresses printed on this agreement are their correspondence addresses for any communication.Againtst any changes on those addresses,unless the change is declared,the printed adresses is said to be valid.Any cancellation of a close or a section of the agrement cloes not change the complete agreemenr nor other sections or closses.

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