Hıre Jet Or Helıcopter


 helicopter tour 2023

With Izmir helicopter rental
, you  can watch the view of Izmir from the sky and take photos. Or you can deliver your large cargoes that need to be raised urgently with this method. If you have gardens and fields, you can do this with pesticide helicopters.You can benefit from aviation service with

Izmir helicopter rental or you can go to any city of Turkey. VIP transportation with helicopter rental, air taxi to a place you will reach and helicopter tours are available. If you want,  you can rent it to take aerial photos along with offering special services for special occasions.

Safe travel, fast transportation from the point you want to save time and cost to the point you want are the basic criteria of our helicopter rental service. The fees you pay are invaluable for the pleasure you will get from the helicopter ride and the price you will pay will be worth it.

It is activated in cases such as transporting cargo to places that are difficult to reach by land by cargo helicopter. There are many processes such as fly spraying, which is extraordinarily useful in extinguishing fires and in agricultural spraying, especially in our fields.

A relentless trip awaits you with Izmir helicopter rental. Passenger transportation is carried out by helicopters with a capacity of 10 to 12 passengers. Helicopter rental has ceased to be the luxury of aviation today. You will be extra advantageous as Izmir helicopter rental. Because it offers you more affordable prices. Thanks to safe travel, you will be saved from time, safe travel and expenses. We are ready to serve you.


 we will serve you in the most comfortable and comfortable way during all flights made with Izmir jet charter
. You are flying safely and comfortably.

The flight crew on the planes we use in Izmir jet charter service are jet pilots with high experience.   The total flight cost of your jet charter flight is calculated per hour, and the cost of catering on the plane returning to the place of departure, landing and take-off costs of the aircraft, accommodation expenses of the aircraft and the crew are all included in the cost to you. Private jets have a passenger capacity of between 5 and 8 people. Flight distances are insignificant, but it has the ability to fly for up to 3 to 4 hours. You can fly to any point and from any point at any time on any day. In the aviation sector, we serve you with our experienced staff. You can even bring any items or animals you want to the destination. You can plan your flights without being tied to the time or you have the chance to revise them in case you are late. If you want, you can even hold meetings during the trip, so you can save time.  A much more comfortable flight pleasure is waiting for you by overcoming your fear of transfer, waiting, not having a place to put your belongings, or the possibility of getting lost or security problems.

With Izmir jet rental, you  have the opportunity to save time because you reach your destination faster. Now that jet rental is widely used, pricing is done by considering you.

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