Izmir Car Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Discount made ​​possible?

Car rental rates in high season season yükselmektedir.yüksek intense domestic and overseas car rental requests came after the sale price in the unlikely olmamaktadır.ancak season discounts may be .

Recommendation: If you make your reservations in advance than to make a sale easier.

It was clean and well maintained vehicles that I can trust ?

If you believe that your vehicle is well-maintained with the latest demand from companies care bill edebilirsiniz.genel care how many kilometers into the car and what parts are changed , etc. made ​​. If you receive information by checking konulabilmektedir.b will be useful for you .

Yapabiliyormuyuz booking from abroad ?

You can book anywhere in the world .

Recommendation: When booking reservations from the company approved a document containing information AmAsInI No fax , please ask .

I bookedthe vehicle can change ?

The car you book them in advance on that date may not be available due to any reason . However, a top model , the tool should be given to you without being reflected in the price .

Advice: You will be given the tools ; distinguish a high-end model of the car or to be equivalent if zorundadır.aks you will be given a situation you do not have to take the vehicle .

What is required when the contract ?

If you are coming from abroad , passport , valid driver's license , contact address and telephone number with your credit card information is required.

A failure that may occur in automobile insurance company does meet ?

Mechanical failures that occur in car insurance companies karşılamamaktadır.kirala Do not forget to check out while the vehicle .

How long rented a car ?

Car renting the vehicle you rent any time constraints yoktur.ancak certainly going to deliver early , please inform the company .

I rented vehicle (car ) and " abroad " Can I come ?

Exiting with car hire abroad in Turkey is not possible to rent a car companies .

I rented the vehicle ( car )one else can use ?

Tool can be used in addition to the lessor of people outside the party receives a fee .

Recommendation : If you rent a vehicle from another drive more will use it to do company said the additional drivers of the data contract yazdırınız.meyd until any possible case of accident accident the person making the additional driver in case of additional driver information is also in the contract in the absence , of the fuses may not be eligible .

I rented vehicle may be returned in a different city from where I get you

Delivery edebilirsiniz.fakat you might have to pay extra for it .
How should I take the leased vehicle 's gas tank ?

Try to get your car tank full tank . However, some firms ; Fuel condition somehow contract and return it to the writers want you to return approximately the same amount of gasoline .

Recommendation: If you do not receive full tank fuel tank on your vehicle , ask to be written into the contract amount .

Do I have to give credit card number ?

You rent a vehicle ( car ) Go to the plate with a delay attributable to two percent of traffic fines renter 's credit card number from the customer demand.

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